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My background: My story and roots begin living in the Northern Virginia area. I have lived in Arlington most of my life. Other chapters of life lived have been in the Newport News area, Denver, and short term visits to 21 places overseas. My heart: My heart is to really know how to follow after the invitation that Jesus gave me to “come and see” life known in him. My passions are to make known that life and invitation to others through leadership and teaching. I love teaching and speaking. I know public speaking ranks as the number one phobia, but I love it. My heart loves getting any opportunity to teach the truths of God. I have experience teaching on topics such as leadership, identity formation, spiritual formation, grief, pain, and hope. I am currently working as a private practice counselor with individuals and families. My heart is for people. I am passionate about people’s stories. My desire is to be a person who reveals the real, raw, accepting, and loving ways of a living God.

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