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Every New Year I feel very ready to kick the previous year to the curb. I am ready for all things new come January. New Year’s always gives me the hope of just that…NEW.

For the past two years, I have joined in the growing community of choosing a OneWord for the year. To be honest, each year my word has made me its _______. Still trying to live a life of FOLLOWING in 2011, and continuing to work on my jealousy through CELEBRATING others in 2012.

This year….this year I need new. This past year shattered me on so many levels. Sitting here at the table and looking at the proverbial puzzles pieces of my heart, I wonder where to start.

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Have you ever had those seasons in your life where you feel like more than the wind has been knocked out of you?

There is hard and then there is feeling defeated with no fight left. I am exhausted from pain, brokenness, discouragement, conflict, transitions, rejections, and deferred hope. I need a break.

Every war has times when the fighting ceases for sleep and rest. Every boxing match has rounds when each fighter gets a breather to regroup.I am that fighter in the corner needing a breather. I am that wounded soldier needing rest from the front lines of life.


SO my ONEWORD for 2013 is HEALING.

To be honest, slowing down and healing is not easy for me. Whenever I broke a bone or sprained an ankle I was bad at heeding to the instructions for healing. There is a reason doctors say it takes six weeks for broken bones to heal. I always that it was just a suggestion. I should have committed to waiting.

The patchwork and Band-Aide management of my life has become unstitched. It is time to let the Healer do His thing.

This year, I am focusing on the healing stories in the gospels. I want to learn about the what, who, why, and how of Jesus’ healing miracles. Hoping He heals me there.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out.”

These are some promises I am holding onto this year as I put back the pieces of my weary self. My hope for this year is that of a renewed hope, trust, peace, and forward motion through grief. 

What is YOUR OneWord of 2013?


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I can’t believe it has already been a year since the start of OneWord2011! Last year I was so ready to kick 2010 to the curb. This year is not much different. I am ready for all things different.

I can honestly say that I am a different person from the start of last year.

It is time to turn the page – start a new chapter – introduce new characters – and wrestle with all things new.

I am sitting here in Starbucks staring at a blinking cursor mustering the courage to tackle a new hard word. Typing it means saying out loud.


Celebrate is my OneWord for 2012. You are either singing “celebrate good times, Come on!” or wondering why this word would require courage. For this I need to set the stage of my heart.

Jealousy is a small word that affects every part of me.

Jealousy is my biggest weakness.

Jealousy is my human hearts greatest challenge to conquer.

As kids, we discover the word “mine.” Our young eyes build on the foundation of wanderlust. We figure out early on that we want what other people have. There seems to be a shift in childlike contentment when the heart of comparison starts to form.

As kids, we wrestled with the struggle of equality. Our siblings had more milk, a bigger half, different bed times, or even better things.

It didn’t ever seem fair.

Somewhere along the line we developed the mentality that we were owed equality, if not better, than someone else.

Jealousy is more readily seen by the fruit of comparison. Jealousy is the hardest thing to see in the mirror.

Jealousy is that small piece of yeast that works its way through the entire dough.

Jealousy reveals the posture we have toward God.

Jealousy is rooted in the message that God owes me something. (I hate that my selfish heart struggles with saying that to God at all. He owes me nothing, yet has already given me everything.)

I struggle greatly with jealousy. The fruit of my jealousy is comparison.

I have entered a very new season of relocating, job searching, and just the unknown of everything. Sitting in a place of feeling far from myself and a bit lost is hard on the heart. This is a place jealousy feeds from.

This is where my word “celebrate” comes in.

Celebration is the active opposite of jealousy. I want to create a new pattern of celebrating the gifts, dreams, and favor of others first. I want to get to a place where my first response is joy and the genuine excitement of another’s good fortune.

Celebration is the discipline I desire to conquer in 2012!

Cups up to a new year of wrestling hard!

What is your OneWord365?

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I can’t believe almost an entire year has flown by!

Is it already time to for a new oneword2012!?

This time last year, I was so ready to kick 2010 to the curb! I was ready for all things new and different. The restlessness and in me was igniting some serious motivation in my heart.

What was I ready for?

All the roads of my heart were leading me to a place of needing to really learn how to follow. I didn’t know what this word had in store for me this past year. I honestly had no idea where intentionally choosing to follow would lead me.

My life mantra is to really learn how believe intimately in who God says he is, which in turn teaches me to live life differently.

He extends and invitation for all to do life with him through following. This invitation has wrecked me, in a good way, all year.

What has following required?

Following requires faith

Following after him this year has challenged my concepts and practices of faith. Following has challenged me to redefine what faith really is. I have learned that faith is a choice. Faith is choosing to believe in God who is illogical, beyond my understanding, and sometimes unrecognizable. Following in faith is walking down a road that resembles nothing like I think it should look. Following has required my faith to keep choosing to praise him when what I consider failures, God says you are actually walking the right way.

Following requires surrender

I am self-sufficient to the core. I have spent too much of my life walking in self-dependence. This way of life will always be in conflict with God, and anyone else, being a part of my life. Learning to follow requires the surrender of my own logic and understanding of what is best. I have had to surrender my survival skills of dealing with my own pain. The caverns of my heart are deeper than I anticipated. It’s not pretty. Committing to following after him means choosing to deal with my issues. Grief has been my fore front emotion, but the healing has been met in his depth as well. I’m so grateful.

I know hope I’m not alone in discovering my OneWord has worked me over this year. I am still learning daily; I am still determined to rock this word into 2012!

I am still learning the depths of what follow means for me everyday.

How has your OneWord been working you?

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Raise your hand if you ever played the game “Follow the Leader” as a kid. This is a game where one person would be out in front and everyone else would have to mimic whatever the leader was doing.

I like the idea of this game, but I always wanted to be the leader. I didn’t last very long in the following position. I would usually try and remix whatever the leader was doing and make it more fun or crazy.

Remembering this game has been a great illustration for my OneWord2011. This year I am intentionally going after what it means to follow after him. It has already been rocking my world.

I thought I had an idea of what it really meant to follow after God, but he has since been redefining his definition in me….

I am guest posting over at Nicole Unice’s blog today!! Come hang out!!




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