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I am so passionate about the topic of identity. I could talk about this topic all day long. You want to see me get fired up, let’s talk about identity.

Call it my protective nature, or just hunger for truth to be known.

Every human being goes through the wrestling process of trying to figure their identity. High school is when we start to say, “huh, I am not my parents, I don’t’ want to be my parents, so who am I?” This is when the filter of challenges to our identity begins.

Our identity can be challenged but never changed.

The misconception about identity is that it changes. The truth about identity is that it is a fact; a fact that is unchanging regardless of any conditions.

What this means is that we all have an identity that never changes regardless of any conditions or circumstances.

Too many people associate their identities with their skills set. Our culture has made the questions of “who we are” and “what we do,” interchangeable. This is a huge misconception. It enables the deception that our identities depend on us, and our skills.

What we do is NOT who we are!

What we do is God’s way of displaying who he is in different forms. However, before we were born we all enter the world with an identity that is never changing. We are all his beloved children. We are his. We are loved and considered worth dying for. This never changes.

Our identity never changes regardless of conditions or circumstances. Identity can only be challenged.

I have learned that my frustrations and insecurities are usually signs that my identity is being challenged. God cares so much about me to allow frustration so that I don’t settle on what is untrue. Insecurities I have about my self-worth are challenges to my identity. I am glad that God does not let me stay in my insecurities, but challenges back with truth.

Insecurities are great signs that our identity is being challenged. I am so grateful that God is faithful to always bring me back to his truth that I am already spoke for by him.

The world will always try and tell you who you are. Always. Messages that challenge our identity bombard our minds and hearts all day. Once we understand that our identity is unchangeable, it takes the weight the messages we are challenged with everyday.

What challenges your identity?


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