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Hope is a seemingly small word, but she packs a big punch.

Hope seems fleeting at times, and in certain seasons of life, more often than not.

I catch glimpses of hope. At times, I catch glimpses of what I am even hoping for.

There are days where those glimpses seem to fill me up with more hope and motivation, and there are days where hope is silent. I experience times when I have hope in a moment, and in that same breath feel like I got the hope knocked right out of me.

I am learning that hope is not meant to be seen or understood. For who hopes in what is seen. It is the knowledge that unseen things are happening, and the mystery of the unseen evokes hope.

Hope requires faith, and faith hope.

Faith is being sure of the things hoped for and certain of the things not seen.

Hope is the desire we have that something we want can and will happen. Hope is also the desire that things will turn out for the best even if it does not look anything like we hoped.

The blessing of glimpses is also something that causes a tension in my heart. When I get glimpses of unseen things becoming visible, it motivates and gives my hope traction. However, those glimpses do not mean what is hoped for will happen soon.

Hope is a choice. Hope is a risk.

Hope requires faith in the unseen. Hope is a choice. Some days, hope takes everything I have. Hope is a choice for me to believe that there is a something just for me. Hope is a place I want to sit in. I want to hope and believe in love, kindness, faithfulness, joy, grace, forgiveness, commitment, peace, direction, and life to the full.

Hope says not me, but you , Lord.

I am hoping to be able to say that more confidently soon.

What is risky about hope for you?

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Hope is a small word that effects me greatly. I have been so aware of how much hope, or lack there of, affects me.

Sometimes I feel like hope runs through me like the sand in those little hour glass timers. My hope runs out more often then not. I feel like I am constantly flipping the bottle of hope filled sand over.

I have a bittersweet relationship with hope. For the most part, I know hope is a choice. Hope can take on the form of a necessary attitude.

However, discouragements and life tensions are real. Choosing hope is not saying ignore what hurts the heart and just to be hopeful.

Discouragements and life tensions are meant to be acknowledged. It is really hard to sit in those times.

Hope plays the role that doesn’t let you give up in the midst. Hope enables you to get back up after you get life’s wind knocked out of you.

Hope enables the voice of holding out, pressing through, taking another breath, and getting up.

My tensions are high, and life’s wind has definitely been knocked around in me. To the deep feeler in me, hope feels hard.

My hope is that choosing to get up again will mean something. My hope is that this round will last, and I will even triumph over something.

Hope is hard. But I’m still hoping.

What about hope is hard for you?

What are you hoping for these days?

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