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Hope is a seemingly small word, but she packs a big punch
Hope seems fleeting at times, especially in certain seasons of life. I catch glimpses of hope. At times, I even catch glimpses of what I am even hoping for.  There are days where those glimpses seem to fill me up with more hope and motivation, and there are days where hope is silent.  I experience times when I have hope in a moment, and in that same breath feels, like I got the hope knocked right out of me.

I am learning that hope is not meant to be seen or understood, for who hopes in what is seen?  It is the knowledge that unseen things are happening, and the mystery of the unseen that evokes hope.

Hope requires faith and faith hope.

Faith is being sure of the things hoped for and certain of the things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

Hope is the desire we have that something we want can and will happen.  Hope is also the desire that things will turn out for the best, even if it does not look anything like how we hoped.

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Last week I was having a great conversation with some friends. We were talking about our overseas experiences. I love traveling. It seriously changes my life every time I go somewhere. I love listening to how others are stretched through their overseas experiences. I love watching as passion flows out of the heart as someone talks about their experiences.

As I was thinking about my different experiences, one thing kept coming up every time. I have noticed that people ask different questions when being introduced. Seems like a no brainer thought, but it’s worth noting. Each culture gets to know someone in different ways. In the US, we ask a series of three questions to one another. We ask one another: where are you from? Where did you go to school? And what do you do? The answers to these questions mark our identities. These three questions shape the conversation. We can even make judgments by how these questions are answered.

What I have noticed about everywhere else but here is that those questions do not even come up. I can remember three distinct areas where the questioning was different. I have traveled around the Middle East, spent a semester in Spain, as well as spent time in South Africa. Where ever I was, people asked me about what I believed. I was so taken aback by how often I was asked that first. We, in the US, do not even go there. In other cultures, what you believe defines who you are. That’s how it should be.

It seems like in the era of social media, there are so many places to read what people are “about.” Most people seem to have an “about me” page. Listed on this page are hobbies, movies, employment, education, and at least one sentence that describe the person. All these things make up the identity of someone.

But does it really?

Last year, I was teaching a group of high school girls about what their identity in Christ means. I realized that our identity in Christ is unchanging. We are his beloved. In him we are enough. We are saved by grace, forgiven of sin, and adopted as sons and daughters into the throne. We are children to the “Abba father“. This never changes.

Our “about me” changes all the time. There are some things that stay consistent, (I will always love to sky dive and bungee jump), but the other stuff changes. My “about me” does not define who I am. Where I live, where I went school, and what I do, does not define my identity. My identity has been defined for me by the one who died for me.

It seems that other cultures ask a great question – “What do you believe?

I can attest to some incredible conversations that have come from exchanging answers.

So what do you believe?

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How big is too big for me? I often wonder how illogical can my dreams get? I have some big ones. But isn’t that when a dream becomes a dream; when it is so outside of myself that it requires the one who made the dream?

My dream is to one day become a speaker. I dream of the day when I can communicate to thousands about the person of Jesus Christ. I dream that one day I will be able to stand on a stage where thousands gather to hear some good and hopeful news.

I recently heard Paul described in this way, “Paul was overwhelmed with the sense of his indebtedness to Jesus Christ, and he spent himself to express it.” Now this is living out of passion and faith.

I want to spend myself expressing how much life is found in following after Him. I want to spend myself fighting for and with those who are trying to answer Jesus’ question of, “who do you say I am?” I want to speak of our identity in the one who made us. I will spend my life trying to express a life that looks alive and commited to Him.

What are you spending your life saying or doing?

What are you aware of in your relationship with Christ?

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