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Jesus was a man who really understood the extreme responses of a culture. He experienced all motives from all people. The more I read his stories, the more I see that our culture has not changed much.

During the time of Jesus’ ministry, he experienced the deep love and admiration of people who followed him. People’s lives were truly changed by his words, touch, actions, love, grace, forgiveness, truth, and just the look in his eyes. People felt seen and known by him.

Jesus was invited to many dinners, parties, banquets, meetings, and homes. He met a lot of people.

He also experienced those who followed him until it got hard. People loved Jesus when life seemed good and easy, but when it cost them something, many disowned him. Many people were “devoted” to Jesus until it cost them surrender, change, and maybe when it required something different. This group of people usually walked away.

Then there were people who just didn’t get Jesus. Instead of looking at the wonders of his miracles and words, they said he was evil. Jesus was challenged and ridiculed by so many. He didn’t fit into anyone’s box. Jesus was questions all the time about where he was from. He was asked to prove himself all the time.

Jesus experienced being dismissed by many.

If Jesus experienced the extreme responses of others for making the father known, the likely hood of my life experiencing the same is pretty good.

When Jesus sent out his disciples to the people of Israel, he provided a glimpse of what could happen. He sent out his 12 with is authority, direction, what to say, and now what will happen.

Jesus prepared his friends with glimpses into what responses they might encounter as they followed him. His disciples had already felt the responses of others as they did daily life with Jesus. Now it was time for them to feel it for themselves.

As we follow our God given calls and dreams, these responses will be felt as well. People will challenge us, walk away, argue, dismiss, and just not understand what it is we are pursuing.

However, there are also those who will get on board and really see you. There will be people who support and love you know matter what. There are people who will be changed from the inside out because of how you are revealing the father. There will be people who believe in you.

Don’t give up. Know that Jesus felt and knew all the extreme responses of people. He walked anyway.

Will you keep walking? Will you keep pursuing?

I hope so…


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