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“Believe” is one of those words that take me out at the knees. Believe is a word that I will always wrestle with and want to know the deeper meaning of for the rest of my life.

Believing….well it changes everything.

Believing is a word I struggle the most in life with. This self-sufficient, independent wanderer has a hard time just believing. Believing requires my everything.

Believing requires my faith and trust. I have learned that believing is a choice. 

Believing is a choice. Faith is choosing to believe in a God who is illogical, beyond my understanding, and sometimes unrecognizable. My response to believing should look like following God with my whole life.

There is a dangerous question presented in the gospel ….

I have the great privilege of being a guest on my friend Leigh Gray’s blog today! I would LOVE your thoughts on this hard question….

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