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Just praying

Sometimes all the words my heart has is just prayer. Pray with me or for you if you would like.

Father, my heart hangs low as I try to find words to offer you. Father, this season requires courageous risk out of me. I am finding it hard to trust your character building in me. I ask for your peace and patience to fill my heart. Fill me with confidence to be courageous. Show me the areas in me that I still grip out of fear. Show me where my heart needs to surrender to you. Please bless me with your wisdom to think through this season. I want what you want. Help my short term sight hope in your long term vision. Hope seems like a risk. Waiting seems like the only  thing I can do. I will wait.

Father show your love deeply for my friends. Show yourself alive and present deep inside their hearts. Protect the dreams and hearts of my closest. Thank you for them in my life. Thank for showing me more of you through them. Bless their risks to hope in you. Reach down and grab my friends as life is bringing on some heaviness and fight. I pray for courage to hope in you for the next. I pray for their eyes to hold fixed to your abilities, power, protection, love, and peace. We are all feeling the heaviness of question marks. I hope in you for them. Please fight for the desires of my closest.

Lord show your power in small and big ways to this world. Show the value of living and believing different then all that the world believes. Show us the exhale that comes from choosing life in you. Show us your ways. Teach us your truth father. Help us to embrace foolishness as we walk in you, and give us all strength to stand up and own you as our God.

Everything I give you. Everything I’ve got I offer you in your sons name…amen.


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