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Hope is one of those things that can over joy the heart or make it sick. Hope feels like both the long anticipated climb to the top of a hill on a roller coaster, and the adrenaline of the drop down. Hope is anticipated. Hope is hoped for.

There is hope in the seen and the unseen. To hope could look like:  good grades, promotions, restoration, something new, success, dreams fulfilled, community, good days, or maybe that your alarm will go off. Maybe you hope for security and safety.

Hope has been on my heart this week. I find myself saying, “I hope” a lot. I am even saying it more talking with other people. I really do hope for many different things for people.

I spent some time reading about hope. It comes down to the truth that hope is nothing without Christ. He is our hope. Hope is believing in something only he can do. Hope depends on everything that is outside our own abilities. Our hope is to be in Christ. Hoping for good things is not bad, but setting your heart of hoping in God is what makes hope become hope.

Hope is the foundation of faith. Faith “is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.

God is the only sure thing that can be hoped in. Is it hard to hope? Heck yes! Scripture also says to defer yourself hope will “make your heart sick.” Settling for a life without hope is dangerous to the soul. Hope brings life. Hope keeps the pulse of life going.

My heart needs some hope in the unwavering. There is so much freedom waiting for me if I would just risk to place all my hope eggs in his basket.

Hope takes faith. Faith takes hope.

The promise is awesome. Hope in him “will not disappoint.” How many things do you hope for/in right now that carry this promise?

What are you hopeful for?

What does it look like to hope for you?


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