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There have been so many seasons in my life where I have needed someone to help me make sense of it all. I am restless by nature. I love starting new things, and I am ALWAYS dreaming. There is a tension that comes with finding the path through the passions of my heart.

We all need help. We all need people.

I am a huge fan and proponent of counselors, mentors, and life coaches. Over the course of my life, I have worn the hat of all three roles. I have also been the recipient of all three of these gifts as well. I have found that there is nothing more life giving for me then when I am helping others wrestle through the reality of life’s challenges.

I love people.

I love helping and empowering people to figure out the puzzle pieces of their own hearts. Our challenges and question marks matter. Our restlessness is motivating and directionally based. Our hurts and pain are real. They matter. YOU matter!

I just have launched my new endeavor of Life Coaching! For the past decade I have been working in the counseling field. I have my Master’s in Professional Counseling. I am really excited to start something new. I always say that my dream job would be sitting at Starbucks all day long and meeting with different people. So let’s do this!

Some of you may be wondering what Life Coaching is all about. Let’s be honest, we all have places we feel stuck in life. Everyone is unique in their own process. No two challenges are the same. Coaching is in place to help you get unstuck – gain wisdom and understanding about how to move forward. You might be wrestling with turning your dreams into reality, shifting careers, navigating relational conflicts, developing boundaries, or relearning healthy life habits. It all matters.

So here are my questions for you. Do you find yourself day dreaming about doing something else than your current career? Are you frustrated with dealing with the same issues all the time? Are you bored and restless? Do you know what you are passionate about? Are you doing those things?

We are all created with unique personalities and gifting. I really want to help you figure out the best YOU, you are created to be.

Let’s talk coaching.

Click HERE to learn more about what coaching is and to SIGN UP for coaching with me.

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life chapter

Every season of life has it’s eb’s and flows. Every chapter is written with both beginnings and endings – joy and sorrow. New characters, dreams, and life lessons are introduced, as well as new hurts and grief. Maybe these are just the realities of growing pains, but no season or chapter is ever easy.

I look back and can see my different struggles and areas of growth through every season. College ignited questions of identity and faith; interestes and direction. After college surfaced the tension of anxiety and dream. Wide open spaces of creativity and curiousity led the charge. My late twenties and early thirties have brought about new dreams, locations, and career shifts. It has been in these last few chapters where I feel like I have fumbled around the most.

Every season carries the weight of real trials and challenges.

Every season carries with it current issues for that age bracket. The things that I struggle with in my early thirties are not the same as those issues that seemed hard in college. However,  I do believe that each chapter brings with it the challenge of identity and community.


College is easy to find somewhere to belong. People were always readily availableto interact with and cultivate lasting relationships. Post college begins the effort to find community. The abundance of people groups drastically diminish after college. So we find small groups, work friends, or maybe join a running group.


The twenties begin the stage of “all your friends” starting to get engaged and married. You might even experience a time of long-term transition with moving to a new city, or experiencing the revolving door of friends moving away.

The questions of our twenties looks like, “Do I want to be married?” and “what do I want to do in life?” In this stage, we are still fumbling around trying to figure out who we are and where we fit.


My thirties have been a variation of my twenties. I am more comfortable with who I am. My dreams and career are taking on a much clearer form. But the questions change a bit in this chapter. The question of the thirties look more like, “why am I not married?” and “why is community so hard?”

Community is a challenge in every season, but the thirties bring with it a grey area of no place to land. We are the “in-betweeners” for church ministries, as in we are not college kids, or young adults (groups dominated by early 20’s folks.) We are the not-sure-where-you-fit group.

By this stage most friends, who got married in my 20’s stage, are now on their second or third kid. So I  experience an even more displaced and lonely feeling as a single person. Finding good community seems like the biggest challenge in this chapter of life. As a single person, how do I fit with my married friends? In a church community, where is the place I can land where there are other’s “like me?”

As a married person, I wonder if you struggle with trying to know how to relate to your single friends, or even friends with kids.

Every stage of life has it’s question marks and challenges.

What are YOUR  questions and challenges in YOUR season?

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Our life stories are being lived out every day. We make choices and choose paths that lead us down new roads and dreams.

I have been thinking a lot about what kind of a read my story is right now. I look back and see many pages filled with adventure, laughter, pain, fear, and realizations. Many characters have been written in and out of my chapters as well.

My life speaks of failures and successes; waiting, doubts, and glimpses of something new.

This got me thinking about my story now and what is to be written on my pages to come. It has been fun to think about what I want my life to be like, and what I want it to say. It is always good to know what you stand for. It is also empowering to really think about the person I want to be. It forces hard questions to be wrestled with.

I would love to think about this with you.

If someone gave you a blank whiteboard to write out the rest of your story what would it say? Who is the person you want to be? What kind of character are you?

We have a lot of say in how our story is being written. This is not something to take lightly. You matter. Your story matters.

How do you want your story to read?

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January brings the hope of new. No matter how you ended the year before, January strikes the clock of new.

Every January I am ready for new. I feel like the New Year brings on the encouragement to me that new can happen again. I wipe the dust off of shelved dreams, and dare to risk that this year “it” could happen.

I don’t know about you, but I have a life Bucket List. The list is filled with a mix of practical and outlandish things I would love to do. Those things that I have dared to cross off get filled with something new. I love crossing off Bucket List items!

I have been thinking that I have a life Bucket List, but what about a year Bucket List? This got me thinking about what I would like to do this year. A Bucket List of the year is not the same thing as a resolution. It’s just risky things, maybe even uncomfortable things, you would want to accomplish this year.

This list can be filled with anything and everything. Maybe you want to sky dive or get a tattoo this year (that can also be on your life list as well.) Maybe you want to shoot for developing a core group of friends this year, write a book, or a chapter of a book. Maybe running a race, taking a trip, changing jobs, take/teach a class, reading three books, ask someone to lunch, or learning to play an instrument might be your thing.

Whatever your thing is, DO IT! Make a Bucket List for 2013.

My list would go something like this:

1)      Speak at an event or group three times this year

2)      Risk to make three big asks (whatever that looks like)

3)      Take a trip that is considered vacation for me

4)      Research/write a study on Joseph

5)      Redesign Blog/headshots

These are some of the hopes and goals for me this year. I am glad for 350 days now to try for them.


What is/would be on your Bucket List this year?

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Hoping big for your 2013! 

What is one HOPE you have for this new year?

What is one DREAM you have for 2013?


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I drop my head between my hands, tears well in the corners of my eyes, heart, and sighs.

Everything in me wants to fight, to scream, to defend, and to show that I am more than who people think they know.

When my voice feels silenced and my life unseen- I push, I pull, I fight in the tug of war of wanting so much more. I chase and pursue every opportunity that comes into view; Frustrated, wondering what else am I supposed to do!?

Only He is the defender of the weak, father to the fatherless, home to the lonely, lifter of my head, and one who knows my name.

He fights for those who are still. So I sit, still, in quiet desperation. Still is my posture when waiting is all I have.

The illusion of control is surrendered. Knees are buckled, and the bruises of this reed are bowed.

Self-sufficient strength is exhausted, leaving the only option of faith. And I sit in the dark night of quiet desperation.

God, do you hear, do you see? Where is the exhale, the reprieve? When will it be my turn to do the thing I yearn most to glorify you?

Quiet desperation

It’s the deep place below the surface where the waves rise and the water is stirred.

Quiet desperation speaks of the heart’s tension between wrestling and waiting on what only He can do.

Choosing faith in the midst of waiting ignites the heart of quiet desperation.

It sits and waits through the longing and the ache. It chooses joy and celebration even when it feels fake.

Quiet desperation happens within the places only He can reach. We have wounds only He can speak..truth into the lies only He can reach. And dreams which only His steps can make.

Quiet desperation waits in humility and obedience in the hope that the other side of “someday” will be proved true.

So my hope for me and you, is that we see the face and the hands of the one who is making all things new.

Quiet desperation is not forever.

Maybe you’re wondering about the how of what to do with “right now.”

Be still and know that He is God.

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Joseph is one of those character’s in the bible who I wish I could have coffee with. I have so many questions for how he got through so many hard seasons- and with unwavering faith.

My current season of life and Joseph’s story are finding more and more collisions. So many times during the day I wonder how Joseph handled his situations. I wonder if he had break downs, question matches with God, or even just days where the deep sadness was felt through silence.

I look at Joseph’s story and think how did he stay strong? I wish I could know what was between the lines of his heart. I look at a man who had an incredible dream, one that lit his heart on fire with amazement and awe.

Joesph had a God given dream and found himself enslaved, wrongly accused, and imprisoned. Each step seemed to knock him further and further from what he thought God had showed him.

I wonder in every step did Joseph say, “Okay, maybe it’s this circumstance.” I wonder if he thought that working for Potifer was the step before his dream only to then find himself in prison.

How does a dream come to fruition from prison?

In a way, my season has collided with what seems to be my knock down into a place of “prison.” In my daily rounds with God, I ask, “what does this have to do with the dream you showed me!?

Life seems to have knocked me in a way that only seems to have created distance between me and the dream. The dream seems less and less in focus and in reach.

I mean did Joseph look around at his dirt floor and barred walls and get pissed!? Did he yell at God? Did he look at his daily monotonous job duties and scream!? Did he feel humiliated?

What does prison have to do with a dream!?

The bittersweet part about knowing the end of Joseph’s story is that prison had everything to do with his dream. Prison was the closest, not furthest, step away from his dream. For when the season of prison was over for Joseph, he stepped directly into the dream God had showed him.

Joseph remained honestly faithful. I say honestly, because it is very much okay to express our honest feelings of hardship while remaining faithful in where He has us.

Trying to see the gift of prison. 

What is a time in your life where your circumstance turned out to be just the right thing?

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