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When it comes to relationships of any kind, I am more of a tortoise then the hare. I am slow to let my walls down, slow to share, and slow to trust.

I cherish the heart of other people. I treasure knowing what is really between the lines of their heart. I know sharing is no small thing. It takes trust, and I don’t take trust lightly.

This is a true story for my heart as well. I cherish every shape that my heart is in. I have tender wounds, and painful places. My heart has requirements of love and protection. Each heart does. My heart has many finger prints on her, but only a few hold her – only a few reside in my heart as trustworthy.

You can call my heart high maintenance, but our hearts deserve high maintenance love and care.

It takes necessary time to develop trust. It takes time for people to know if the other is able to handle their hearts well. That is called healthy.

If it takes time for me to trust that someone will care well in handling my heart, could God have a process of trust?

I have been struck by this idea that God takes me through a process of knowing what’s in my heart. If I am not just going to place my name and heart into someone’s careless hands, is God the same way? Maybe not the exact way I do, but something similar.

There is a verse Deuteronomy 8 that has got me marinating. Verse 2 states, “remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the desert these forty years, to humble you and to test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands.

God took hold of a nation and freed them from slavery. He led them out into the desert to make them a nation he could call his own. There was a process desperately needed for this to happen. The nation of Israel needed to detox from their life only known under tyranny and slavery. God needed time with them, and they needed time with him.

We all come from an “old way of life.” It takes time to really know the God who saves us. Old patterns, and ways of thinking, take time to change. Transformation happens inside of relationship. God is not quick to launch us into our next “promise land” without our hearts being ready. Likewise, we don’t take our relationships to the next level without stepping stones.

There is a necessary process that happens from when we first accept the invitation to follow after Jesus, and when that invitation becomes a lifestyle. God wants us to really know that we cannot live our lives on our own.

Jesus took his disciples through the process of following after him before they were ever sent out on their own carrying his name. Time was needed.

God needs to know what’s in our hearts before the next steps happen. My dream is to be a speaker after his own heart. There is huge process I am/will go through before that happens. Carrying his name is no small thing. I want to be trusted with his name. I care an unbelievable amount about people valuing my heart. Why should I think that God would be different?

I desire to be a woman after God’s own heart, and to do great things with that heart. That requires a process of humbling and testing in me. If you have any dreams of something similar, the same will be required of you as well.

Growing relationships build trust over time.

Will you give him yours?


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