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I love traveling. I am a total wanderer at heart. I love new experiences and new places to see. I love basking in the nuances of other cultures and languages. My feet have been on dance floors all over this world. I love having stories that really require the experience to get it. I am so grateful to have seen places where my finger can’t seem to snap the camera fast enough to capture the essence.

No matter how much I travel, or even how long the trip duration is, there is something about home. I always smirk when I get to this point of traveling. The excitement of getting away from home was my motivation in the first place! Before every trip, my eyes get wide with the joy of escaping my “normal” routine and doing something new.

What is it about comfort zones and known places?

Makes me think about the Israelites who were wandering around the desert longing for the place they were just freed from.

The Israelites were held captive under brutal slavery by the Egyptians. God heard their groans for help and led a mass exodus to freedom. In the beginning, the Israelites were all about the excitement of something new. They were free! No more beatings from slave masters. No more long days of hard labor.

They were free – free from harm, punishment, exhaustion, brutality, oppression, and terror of enslaved life. So why would they long for that again?

Somewhere in the desert the Israelites nostalgia of the being freed wore off. Everything in the desert was unknown. Everything required trust and obedience in God who was making himself known.

Now they didn’t relocate back to Egypt physically, but in every other way the Israelites created their “knowns” – their Egypt. The Israelites kicked God to the curb and worshipped what they could control. They became enslaved once again.

I know home has its comforts, but what about when those comforts are harmful?

I read this story and think, “what the heck were they thinking!? How could they want Egypt again!?” I realized that I do the same thing. God has freed me from so many things in my life. His truth amazes me over and over again. God is matchless in every way, and yet I kick him to the curb.

Reverting back to Egypt kept the Israelites enslaved as a nation. I revert back to my own “Egypt” too often. I revert to placing weight on my fears more than truth. I respond out of lies that are on repeat in my heart instead of out of who he says I am. His truths are like signs post on the highway – truth that I let pass by so fast.

There are still areas in me that groan in cries for help. Parts of my heart are in need of a second exodus from my own self-imposed shackles. So I am offering up my comforts to him in search of real freedom. I want to experience rubbing my wrists like they do in the movies after the handcuffs come off!

In what ways do you long for your “Egypt?”



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