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Today, I had so much fun talking with a lot of you on Twitter. Such great discussion about personality types and what makes us tick.

I have LOVED catching glimpses of what drives and frustrates YOU! I am so fascinated by what other people’s Myer’s Briggs letters are. I crack up even more when people fight their own letters. Haha!

The Myer’s Briggs personality test is a great way to get to know how you are wired. It provides a window into what kind of relationships and work environments you would thrive in. I love that. I love helping people figure out how they are wired, and how to embrace their own natural bends.

Would love for you to take the test and see what glimpses you catch of yourself.!


There are many combination so of personality types. Here is a great website that can explain what letters your results show.


(Scroll halfway down the page to see your letter cluster explanation.)

I am an ENFP to the core! I have learned so much about myself, as well as what work environments would be good for me to work in. It has also made a tremendous difference in how I perceive conflict in relationships.

Understanding yourself and others makes all the difference when it comes to extending grace and listening to the heart.

Do you feel like your letters reflect how you are wired accurately?

What are you letters?

Which personality type do you best relate with?

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I love getting to know other people’s personality’s. It is so fun for me to watch dynamics play out in group settings. I chuckle to myself when strong wills and traits collide.

Every person is wired a certain way. Every person has a unique personality DNA that is unique. We have passions that rise up for certain reasons. We have get fired up over certain things that other people may not find interesting. Some of us enjoy alone time, while others can’t get enough people time in their day.

I have always enjoyed studying personality traits. I love seeing people for who they are. I desire to see past words spoken and into the heart.

One of the most popular tests that measure personality traits is called Myers Briggs. This test basically breaks down how a person processes information, how a person finds energy, and interprets people as well as their surroundings.

I am an ENFP according to my Myers Briggs test. I am an extreme extravert who loves being around people a lot. I find my energy from being around a diverse group of people; the more the merry for me. I know I need the balance of alone time, but it takes conscious effort for me. It also takes me coming down to the end of my rope of energy to take alone time. Alone time for me looks like my Ipod, a book, and journal and camping out at Starbucks. I still need to have people around.

I am also pretty passionate about the big picture and get annoyed by the details of life. Everything I process filters through a lense of feeling and intuition. I don’t need all the facts up front to make a decision. I go on gut feeling first and facts later. I trust my heart more than my mind. This can get me into impulsive trouble.

I can definitely frustrate other people by my lack of planning skills. I love having lots of options. I base a lot of my decision making on how I am feeling in the moment. I am all about spontaneity with some selective routine.

I am a person of strong values. I am very independent and love inspiring others. I feel at a deep level where compassion consumes my heart.

Knowing how you think and perceive life is crucial to knowing who you are. It is also crucial to knowing how you relate to and work with other people. Our personality affects everything we pursue. It also affects how we respond to life.

I would love to know more of your personality. You can click the link below and take the test for yourself. Since Myers Briggs is such a well known test, taking it on the internet takes aways some of the reliability, but it is still good to get a sense of you.


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