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My heart is racing already this week. I am filled with wonder and excitement as I head down to the ATL fora conference called Catalyst. I can’t help but wonder what new things my heart will learn and know. I wonder what “aha” moments I will have as words of wisdom are met with understanding in me.

Last year at Catalyst, I was overwhelmed with awe at spending time singing, dreaming, and learning along side 13,000 other incredible people. I love learning with others. I love sitting next to people who have a passion to be better at leadership, as well as, who they are. I love joining 13,000 people in sitting at the feet of so many great speakers. God speaks, that’s for sure.

I feel like I am in a very different place in life going into this year’s conference. My heart is thinking and dreaming in different ways. I know this year Catalyst will mean so many great new things for my heart. This year I am looking for God in different ways and in different conversations. This year my heart is expectant for the unexpected.

The extrovert in me can’t get to Catalyst fast enough. My heart comes alive in a crowd. I love me some crowds. I feel most at home with crowds. I have been lacking that for some time. I feel an exhale coming on. I am giddy over the new people I will be around and meet. I am very excited for some huggin! I am hopeful for the confirmation and redirection of my heart as she is being spurred on.

This year, I have different risks to take, hopes to hope, dreams to dream, and questions to ask. I am in need of courage to do them all. God is all about the bigger than me. That is where I will fix my eyes and see what he has for me.

Would love to connect if you will be there!!


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I am definitely a big city girl. I love high rises that make me feel small. I love watching as people flood the streets just trying to get where they are going.

Florence was a great break for this city girl. Her small narrow streets and hidden piazza’s were breath taking. Just the slower pace size town that my heart needed.

There is just something for me about stepping out of what is “normal” that refreshes my soul. Italy provided the time and space for me to get some glimpses of myself again. Experiencing other cultures reminds me just how big God is and just how small I am.

This city girl was excited to end our trip in the city. Rome was amazing. I had visited her about 14 years ago. She was just like I remembered. Our hotel was literally around the corner from the Colossium. Imagine walking down to get gelato and seeing the Colossium across the street. What!?

We had a day and a half to conquer downtown. We ran around the tunnels of the Colossium. We took the streets to find the Trevy Fountain. I snuck in pictures of the Sistine Chapel. (I love being rebellious every once and a while.) I sat for hours on the Spanish Stairs watching the world go by. I was loving life.

This trip started with the waters of venice and ended in the streets of Rome. Italy carries a lot of respect from her big family in a boot shaped world. I miss the flowing pasta and vino with character. I miss rolling hills with quiet stories. I miss new places and picturesque scenery every couple days. I miss great and memorable experiences to life.

I am grateful to have spent a week outside of my “normal” life and experience someone else’s normal. I recommend trying it sometime. You might just realize how small you really are.

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Transitions have a bittersweetness about them. Transitions bring you out of one thing and into the new. The place you are leaving can be mentally, seasonally, vacation(ally), emotionally, career paths, or the stages a like. With transition there is movement.

This movement may be invited or fought against. For the restless, transitioning is a welcomed thing. For the comfortable, transitions are usually fought against. I mean claws to the ground type dragging. Regardless of how you are transitioning, there’s movement.

That is where I feel like my life is at this moment. I feel like one big transition. I have lots of rising passions and fear filled dreaming going on that has ignited restless movement in me.

On top of a heart felt transition going on, I’ve got jet lag. Vacation transition is so hard. A week is just enough time to feel like the vacation has just started by the time it’s over.

I just returned from ITALY!!

I love experiencing life. I was reminded this week that my comfort zone resides at the place where everyone else seems to be out of there’s.

Italy was not a restful trip in that I raced around Tuscany for five days and packed in so many amazing things, but not enough time to say, “I rested.”

Eighteen hour travel day today and I am still trying to make sense of my heart in it all.

What I do know is that when phones are off, language is not English, food is not pumped with hormones, vino is not watered down with sugar and sulfate, siesta is a necessity culture wide, landscape takes your breathe away, sunsets over Gondola’s with Italian singing men, and just not being able to click my camera fast enough….. life is good!

Time to crash from a long day, but I am sure to be up in a few hours…dangit!

Can’t wait to share more with you as I process my world away. But for now, how are you? Tell me something about your past week.

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Adventure makes my heart soar high! I don’t really have to think twice about saying yes to adventure. Any chance to do something crazy, I’m in.

Traveling is one of those things that taps into some place deep down in me. Traveling adventures make me feel alive in a way I can’t explain. Maybe it’s the newness of everything and everyone that makes the extrovert in me perk up. Maybe it’s the fact that anything can happen. It’s as if the illogical part of my brain becomes my normal thinking. Faith seems to feel real when I am able to step out of all things familiar and routines set aside. Traveling adventures enable an open door to new experiences and new possibilities.

To me, I live for experiences. Experience is how I understand life. I will always choose to spend my money on an experience rather than any “thing.”

In fact! As you are reading this, I am experiencing life in the midst of my traveling adventure. My passport has been stamped, and I am loving life. Right now, I am probably trying to capture some great Kodak moment or recording my experience through flip video. There is also a strong possibility that I am trespassing somewhere I am not “supposed” to be. Eek!

This week could not have come soon enough. My tank has been on reserve and my patience less than existent. Going to bed early just taunted my need for more sleep. I am overjoyed that for a week I am not unavailable. For a week, I get to sit among people where I have no idea what is being said, but where a smile and laughter always translate. I have been ready to experience new food, new drink, new skies, new sunrises and sunsets, and new scenery that solidifies that God is so much bigger than I can comprehend.


How do you best experience life?

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This past weekend, as well as this week, I have been blessed to spend time with one of my best friends. Alece.

While in the midst of both of us being down for the count with sinus infections, we manage to have a blast with one another. I enjoy my friend very much. We laugh our butts off a lot. We always seem to sleep for at least one day straight whenever we hang out with each other. I think that we are both made to live on Hawaii time.

I am so grateful for our conversations that seem to last for hours, there’s always more to say. I appreciate having a friend where our days can be full of a lot or just nothing. Alece is trustworthy in character and that is no small thing for me.

Alece is both crazy and gentle in spirit. I enjoy times of crankin up the music in the car and singing our hearts out. With my friend, each song has it’s own perfect volume part. I also love watching my friend as she can lose herself in a song. It’s as if the whole world passes away and in that very moment she feels the most free. She always seems to have a song on her heart as I often bust her breaking it down when just texting.

I love sitting outside anywhere and people watching with my friend. We seem to balance each other out in identifying different glimpses of our passing by entertainment.

Alece has a huge heart full of compassion. She has a laugh that is contagious, a smile that will soften your heart, and eyes that are always saying something.

I admire my friend as she has sacrificed her life to fight for those who have no voice. She has chosen the hard and walked a journey that exemplifies strength some will never know exists. You can’t help but get on board as she talks about her passion for South Africa. She speaks truth with integrity and loves well.

Her friendship is a gift as she makes my life rich. I am grateful for this time with her. I hope you check out her heart and catch some fire. Just as a warning her heart will challenge you to experience life outside of your comfort zone.

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For the past couple of weeks I have loved experiencing shared conversations, wrestling truths, laughter so hard it requires some physical expression, thought provoking “hmmm’z”, singing with 1500 strangers, connections fostered through great blog hearts….the list goes on. I have walked away from many of those moments saying, “that was some great church.”

This idea of church has my thoughts marinating on what great church is. I could tell you a million different ways I have experience God in “church,: but less then half of those experiences would have to do with being in a church building.

In the bible, Jesus describes our bodies as being the temple of the holy spirit.  Yes, this verse is used in a different context, but I also think it can apply to the concept of church. We are carriers of his holy spirit. So it makes sense that where “two or three are gathered together, there he is with them.” Church!

I value having a building to attend to experience church. I am so grateful for all the ways I have known God more by “going to church.” But I am even more grateful that Church is not bound by walls or program. Church is so much more.

So here is are my ponder questions…

– How do you define church?

– What is your ideal church?


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