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There is something about music that gets into the deep places of the soul. I have no idea how that happens. People love music. More so, people love being a part of the music.

In the past two weeks, I have been around some great music. At the Catalyst conference, I have started my mornings along side a couple thousand other people singing great songs in worship. There is something so powerful about singing loud with other people. It is seriously amazing shouts to the Lord.

I also went to see Sara Bareilles this week and the same feeling was so present. The place was standing room only and packed to the brim. Hundreds of people were singing at the top of their lungs. Half of the songs Sara let the crowd take over and belt out her lyrics.

Music gets in the soul. Music notes seem to be the one thing that knows no walls, no dispositions, no stress, and no worries. Music is freeing.

I am always in awe by how people experience music. I can get lost in some good beat. I can’t help but smile big when I can feel a base so loud that my chest tightens and my arm hairs dance. I love sweet harmony that makes me eyes welly. I love the sound of my voice being drowned out singing along side a lot of others.

I love music. One the things I love watching is when an artist takes the freedom with their own songs. I love when an artist remixes their own song within its original form. This is one of my favorite things to watch because it shows me the heart.

We all remix music to our own hearts tune. Even the person who thinks they can’t carry a note sings their own song. Music is an illustration of the heart. There is so much to witness when someone sings. I love watching passion, freedom, and emotion speak through song.

It cracks me up to pull up next to people who are blaring music in their car. Some music just does not fit the driver either. Makes me chuckle. I am that person who blasts music with the windows down. I am also that person getting my groove on as well. It makes me heart happy.

What do you like about music and why?


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I love the 4th of July. It is seriously one of my favorite holidays. I love the crowds of downtown DC! I don’t even consider hanging out with thousands of people “braving it.” It is so fun for me!

I was thinking about the celebration of freedom yesterday. Freedom is worth all the fireworks, booms, crackles, lights, oooh’s, and awe’s. There is so much joy in knowing freedom. So many people had smiles and laughter on their face yesterday. I love seeing that. It was a great reminder that freedom is what we are made for.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

Powerful words that come with a big exhale. Freedom is amazing. I don’t know if you have ever felt freedom, but it is so worth the fireworks!

We are all meant to know freedom. We are all meant to know freedom in powerful ways. Not just freedom from small things, but freedom from sin and death! That is something to celebrate.

In light of freedom’s joy of yesterday, I was also made aware of what still has a hold on me. I was hopeful as the sun set and the celebration started. In the midst of the loud booms and the cheers, I heard is small whisper pierce my heart and say, “freedom is meant for me.”

Have you known the exhale of freedom?

Where are some areas you still need the celebration?

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The bible is filled with stories of failure. I think you could label the Old Testament as the “Old failure Testament.” As you read the Old Testament you can see that the theme of failing is a direct result of the Israelite’s attempts to find life outside of God. Many of the stories talk about a people who did everything they could to seek after life in any form. This is not a new concept as we still have this problem today.

If you look back and read about the Israelites journey through the desert, you will see a people who wandered around for a long time. The Isrealites made what could have been an eleven day trip to the promise land a long forty years. That is a long time of mundane walking before someone decided to do something about it. It took forty years before the realization that the reason for the wandering was taking God off the throne of being King. The Israelite’s suffered a lot of hardship and frustration in trying to make life happen on their own.

The longer the people of God spent away from him the more suffering was experienced in the journey.

I am very aware that I do this all the time. I battle with the tension of moving in the direction of God being my king, and seeking life outside of him. Let me tell you, I experience failure every time. Failure is a guarantee.  Outside of God being our God, life is meant to fail. The lie is that life works and is available outside of him. You can see Satan attempt this lie with the temptation of Jesus.

Failing affects me emotionally. After experiencing failure, I am really bad about not attaching the label of failure to everything about my identity. God, in his gentleness, reminds me that failure is a gift. Failure is a tap on my shoulder reminding me of the path I am meant to be on. There is so much freedom to be known in releasing my failings to him.

Changing my mentality has taken me a long time. I have not mastered this by any means. I have definitely taken one too many laps around the desert.  I want to rejoice in failing. I want to be so grateful that God loves me so much that failing is the gift of being one step closer to experiencing life to the full.

Where do you get get stuck in releasing your failure to him?

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I am a “words girl.” I love words. I am captured by poetic words that flow together in a thought provoking way. I can get hooked on words and phrases. Words pierce my heart and mind. As a person who loves communicating, I love words. I get hooked on words in songs all the time. I can spend time on one passage or verse in the bible for weeks. I love words.

This week I am going to pick four songs that have some words I love in them. These are also songs that I can just blow my throat in the car to as well.

The first song is from a church group in Australia called Hillsong. They recorded a song titled, “In Your Freedom.” I was singing this at church the other night, weeping through the words.

I could not get passed these words in the song,

And no other King could have so humbly come
To save my soul and heal my heart
I have nothing more than all You offer me
There is nothing else that’s of worth to me

If there were ever a couple of words to sum up the gospel message for me it would be these right here. God came to “save my soul and heal my heart.” Have you ever thought about the weight of what God did? He came to save my soul and heal my heart.

Is it a mystery that your heart has wounds. I mean I’ve experienced some serious pain in my life. God has come to heal my heart. I exhale at that thought. He came to reconcile back to a right relationship with him every day. As my life’s process will be that of healing. I sense a peace and gentleness from God as I remember him as my healer.

I process what is going on in my heart all the time. I have concluded that the process is constant healing. That is worth everything to me.

What are some song lyrics you get hooked on?

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I am a person who loves people. I would definitely say that people are what make me most passionate in life. Maybe even more so than just people, but the heart of people is what is most attractive to me. I love getting to know the story of another’s journey. I get passionate about watching as someone’s story unfolds right before my eyes. I love hoping for people as I am learning to understand real hope. Most of all I love walking with people and being a part of their stories.

Throughout my life I have been in different roles where I have experienced getting to know the hearts of others. I have been a mentor to others, led small groups, worked with people of all ages in Foster Care, and walked with my friends through different seasons of life. I currently work as a private practice counselor, so I am grateful to have many opportunities to listen to the heart and pain of another’s story. I have also experienced those one-hit-wonders or drive-by conversations that seem to stay with you through life. I love those.

As I spent time listening to my own heart as well as the hearts of others this month, I have begun to notice something that makes me smile. The heart is a messy thing that carries a lot of weight and burden. As I have spent time with people, I have also noticed that a level of transparency seems to form and surface as the presence of healing is made known. I have realized that transparency is closely correlated with healing.

A person who has been healed in an area of life seems to be able to talk about that area with greater ease. I must admit that I do a little happy dance in my head as I hear this shift take place in someone’s heart.

I can see areas in my life where my heart is still too tender to talk about. My wounds and fears seem to still hold too much weight in my life. Those are the areas where I still crave my Healer. But thinking through my story today, I can see areas in my life where the Healer’s light has shined bright enough in me to make me transparent. I exhale in seeing that freedom.

I know there are places in me that I have a death grip on, but I also hope that one day I will be able to make the shift into transparency as healing takes place.

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“I face the whole world, living FEARLESS. Take me as I am. Know me, this is who I am.”

Words of freedom for me. I have been asking myself the question lately, “what would it be like and feel like to live in the light of his freedom?”

We are fallen people . I am a fallen and broken person. That matters to God. My fears and wounds matter to Him. As I read in 1 John chapter 1, John declares a message that resonates in my soul, “This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” See , we all have a Holy of Holies in our soul. This is the place that is most sacred to us. My Holy of Holies contains fears, unbelief, wounds, questions, hurts, and insecurities. I hold on to that place tight. Just like the scripture, only a few can pass through the curtain into the sacred place of my heart. God desires that place in me. I have been reminded by him that the more I hold on to that place in me the less freedom I know and feel in him. “In him there is not darkenss at all.” He desires to shine himself into my dark places of tender wounds and pent up fears.

Scripture also says, “it is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” He desires me to be free from the dark place I clench tight in my fists. Here is one thing I have forgot; a real truth. “If I walk in the light, as he is in the light, I have fellowship with one another.” Freedom! My wounds and fears brought to the surface, and laid out bare in the His light, brings fellowship with him and with others. The enemy wants to keep our holy of holies tied up tight in us. The enemy desires for me to stay enslaved to my stuff. God is the God of light. In him there is freedom. There can be freedom in me when I let him be the light. I desire to be so engulfed in his light that my fears and wounds fall away. I desire for him to make life out of me. I can only do that if believe his light is good. For in him is the safest and most freeing place to be.

What holds you back from being free?

What is stored up in your Holy of Holies that you have kept from his light?


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