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We have just entered the Lent season. Lent is marked with a time of remembering, through sacrifice, the great gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Lent lasts for a duration of forty days. Some people take this time to give up something they love such as: sweets, coffee, certain foods, Facebook, or just doing something that a person values the most.

Some people also add something to their routines. An example of this would be, adding more time to read, more silence in your day, praying a certain amount of time, studying a passage in scripture, the Luke challenge, or maybe some discipline.

Lent takes some adjusting to. The idea of Lent is to sacrifice something we love or adding something to our routine as a reminder of what Christ did for our lives. But this year I have realized something different. Christ came to give us “life and life to the full.” In order to experience life, there needs to be some sacrifice involved. Christ surrendered his whole life to gain all of life for us.

There is a direct correlation between sacrifice and experiencing life. Everytime I sacrifice something for lent, I am amazed by the things I crave. There is life to experience by putting our own self aside. Christ gave up everything and he gained life to the full.

This Lenten season, I don’t want to forget that life to the full is experienced through surrender and sacrifice.


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