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Hope is a seemingly small word, but she packs a big punch
Hope seems fleeting at times, especially in certain seasons of life. I catch glimpses of hope. At times, I even catch glimpses of what I am even hoping for.  There are days where those glimpses seem to fill me up with more hope and motivation, and there are days where hope is silent.  I experience times when I have hope in a moment, and in that same breath feels, like I got the hope knocked right out of me.

I am learning that hope is not meant to be seen or understood, for who hopes in what is seen?  It is the knowledge that unseen things are happening, and the mystery of the unseen that evokes hope.

Hope requires faith and faith hope.

Faith is being sure of the things hoped for and certain of the things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

Hope is the desire we have that something we want can and will happen.  Hope is also the desire that things will turn out for the best, even if it does not look anything like how we hoped.

Guest Posting over at Church 4 Chicks today!! Would love your thoughts over there!! Come hang!

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Today, I have the awesome opportunity to “sit” down with my friend Moe and talk Discipleship!

He had some awesome questions for me to answer!!

1. In your own words, what is discipleship?
2. What has been the hardest lesson you’ve learned as a Christian?
3.  What is one thing that “burns” inside of you? 

I would love to know what your answers would be to some of these….

Come hang out today! or LEAP on over!

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“Believe” is one of those words that take me out at the knees. Believe is a word that I will always wrestle with and want to know the deeper meaning of for the rest of my life.

Believing….well it changes everything.

Believing is a word I struggle the most in life with. This self-sufficient, independent wanderer has a hard time just believing. Believing requires my everything.

Believing requires my faith and trust. I have learned that believing is a choice. 

Believing is a choice. Faith is choosing to believe in a God who is illogical, beyond my understanding, and sometimes unrecognizable. My response to believing should look like following God with my whole life.

There is a dangerous question presented in the gospel ….

I have the great privilege of being a guest on my friend Leigh Gray’s blog today! I would LOVE your thoughts on this hard question….

Come join the conversation!


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Raise your hand if you have ever used the phrases, “When I get my life together, I will ___,” or “When I get all my ducks in a row, I will ____.

Somewhere along the way we have bought into the pattern of thinking that we have to have life all together before we believe we have anything to offer.

I think we have missed the point of offering altogether.

I have discovered that there are three lies we believe in when it comes to helping others.

I have the honor of guest posting over at Church for Chicks. They are doing an amazing Shine series.

Amazing things going on over there! Would love your thoughts about truth and lies!

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No one really anticipates when life takes a turn for the “forever different.” No one necessarily sees it coming.

No one intentionally invites pain and the wounds that take a life time of grief to process through.

No one.

But it happens……

My friend Jennifer White is doing a great series on answering the question, “Because of Jesus, I….”

Would love to hear your thoughts and answers!!


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This night was just like any other. Routines were in place. Last minute homework I didn’t want to do, and procrastination running rapid. It was 11:00 PM, time for my nightly shower. I am no morning person. Mom was watching TV in bed and Dad reading the paper on the couch.

Finishing my shower, I opened the door to a change in scenery. My mom was out of bed and lights were on. My father was nowhere to be found. Sobs were coming from downstairs as my mom was talking to my brother on the phone; “you need to come home” is all she could get out.

I quickly threw my clothes on and rushed downstairs. “What happened!?” I demanded of my mom. Tears rushed down her face, “your father has left. He is not coming back.” Words of a confessed affair came in slow motion as the mushroom cloud of my life went up.

Talking about God’s redemption in a life changing chapter of my life. Would love you thoughts and stories on how you have experienced God in the midst of your grief.

Hanging out with my friend Marni Arnold on her site, Relevant Brokenness. Come stop by!

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