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I have questions. A lot of questions. I’m always curious about the mystery of God. I love exploring who he is! He is like a Colorado hike that shows me more than I ever thought possible.

WE have questions!

I love that he hears them. I love that God wants our questions. No question is too much. No answer is explained in a way I was anticipating.

My questions:

  • Am I the character trait I value in others most?
  • Do I trust you with my next?
  • Are my dreams really your desires?
  • Can I really be a voice for you?
  • Will I see greater things than these?

I have questions. Those are just some of them. I would love to know some of YOUR questions. I would love for us to share what we really know about him with one another with our questions.

Bring your big and bring your small!

What kind of questions do you have?


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Ever heard the phrase, “Your body craves what it needs/lacking?” I think there is truth to that statement. I usually crave meat when I need protein. I crave yogurt when I need calcium. I am still trying to figure out where french fries fit in there….

I also think our heart works the same way. I think we think/feel more in the areas of what our hearts need.

There is great value in learning to listen to what your heart is whispering. There is a reason you are stuck on the thoughts you are stuck on. There is a purpose for specific things your heart is being drawn to.

These things could consist of anything, but there is always something specific for you.

My hearts call whispers to me through the fears I get stuck on. There always seems to be a theme that surfaces in my heart in how I finish “I wish” statements.

I want to encourage you to stop and marinate on what your heart is trying to tell you what you need. All the roads of your fears, dreams, frustrations, disappointments, hopes, and waiting are leading back to something.

What is it?

It is in the revelation that we can start to see and understand what God is doing in us. That matters. His whispers to our heart matters. The cravings of your heart will let you know.

So what have you been marinating on lately?

What is that telling you?




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