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One of the hardest attributes of God’s identity for me to grasp is his love. I have had great glimpses of what love resembles. I have experienced days and seasons of really understanding the character of God as being love. But I have a hard time trusting love. I can honestly say I struggle with the concept of love applying to me.

I desire to be a person who loves deeply. I really enjoy loving others. To love someone is so life giving for me. I have no problem believing love for another, but I just can’t seem to associate love with me.

God loves you” is a common phrase used in the Christian world. It is a very true statement. God loves us deeper than we can comprehend. He loves us so much that he gave up his life voluntarily. God loves me so much that he remains faithful to me when I am faithless. God doesn’t just love, he is love.

There are two crucial questions I have come across in the bible. The first is Jesus asking the identity question of “who do we say he is.” How I answer this question should be reflected in every area of my life. The second question comes from the Gospel of John. The very end of the gospel, Jesus and Peter are having a heart to heart conversation about Peter’s devotion to Jesus. Jesus asks Peter three times, “Simon, son of John, do you truly love me?

I understand that Jesus was asking Peter this question as a direct result of Peter’s denial a couple nights before. But I realized that Jesus asks us all the same question. Jesus asks me, “Tracee, do you love me?

This is an intense question. Intense because I think we toss the word love around flippantly these days, and it lacks sufficient weight. How I answer that question really does affect my life.

When Peter respond to Jesus with “yes”, Jesus said “follow me.” How we answer this question will affects our lives. I know I do not answer yes every time. The times in my life where I am most self-sufficient, most condemning of myself and others, the times in life where I feel like it is all up to me, are the times I respond with “no God.” My response affects the way I trust and follow God.

For me, answering yes, is a risk of faith. To tell someone I love them is a risk of my heart and trust. I want to give my heart and trust to him. God is the one person who knows how to be responsible with me. Answering yes is where my faith and active belief is going to come from. That is a hard challenge.

Love is not just knowing we are loved by God, but he desires to know that we love him.

How would you answer that question?


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How big is too big for me? I often wonder how illogical can my dreams get? I have some big ones. But isn’t that when a dream becomes a dream; when it is so outside of myself that it requires the one who made the dream?

My dream is to one day become a speaker. I dream of the day when I can communicate to thousands about the person of Jesus Christ. I dream that one day I will be able to stand on a stage where thousands gather to hear some good and hopeful news.

I recently heard Paul described in this way, “Paul was overwhelmed with the sense of his indebtedness to Jesus Christ, and he spent himself to express it.” Now this is living out of passion and faith.

I want to spend myself expressing how much life is found in following after Him. I want to spend myself fighting for and with those who are trying to answer Jesus’ question of, “who do you say I am?” I want to speak of our identity in the one who made us. I will spend my life trying to express a life that looks alive and commited to Him.

What are you spending your life saying or doing?

What are you aware of in your relationship with Christ?

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