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Have you ever received an invitation to spend time with someone you admire?

This can be someone who you have an admiration for what they do (i.e. writing, playing music, speaking, teaching, a business person, artist, etc.) This could also be someone who exemplifies the life you respect and desire to emulate.

I have experienced this invitation on a couple of occasions. I have a huge passion and heart for leadership, so my invitations came from people I admired in leadership. I love sitting at their feet, listening to their wisdom, life stories and lessons. I have learned from some great people.

I still have a list of people who I would love to sit with. I call it my “sit-list.”

One of the greatest aspects of the invitation for me was that it came with the investment of the other person.

I learned how to become a leader because a couple of people took the time to invest their life and wisdom into me. I learned how to mentor because someone taught me through mentorship.

The invitation of investment is something that always stands out to me when reading the gospels. Jesus is THE MAN of invitation. He calls his first disciples to follow after him through invitation. Jesus invited his friends to do life with him. He didn’t just ask them to follow him in hopes that they would learn something, but he took responsibility for their invitations.

Jesus takes responsibility for the invitations he gives.

John Maxwell talks a lot about how Jesus was just a different kind of leader compared to all of the other leaders of his day; Jesus really did make fishers of men. He invited them with the intention, and responsibility, to make them fishers of men.

Jesus does the same with you and me.

He invites us to do life with him with the intention of taking responsibility for that invitation. We are wired uniquely with his purposes. He takes responsibility to mold, and train us into whatever those purposes are.

Sometimes that main point gets lost for me. Too often, I feel like life is up to me and I am responsible to make it all work – the tethering line between God and I drift apart. His desire is to do life WITH me.

I am learning to remember that God offered me an invitation that comes with his eternal investment. It makes me well up thinking about how much God invests in me. I am humbled by his patience and faithfulness to make me who he wants me to be.

What does God’s invitation of investment look like for you?

Anyone you can think of who could use your investment?


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Leadership is a topic I love to read about and marinate on. I get all fired up when I read about leadership.

John Maxwell is a guy I really respect when it comes to talking about leadership. I have been reading 1 Samuel in John Maxwell’s leadership bible. It has been awesome!

The book of Samuel illustrates a time of break down between the Israelites and God. There has been an organizational structure that God was working into place since he freed the nation of Israel from slavery. There is a total breakdown in structure in the book of 1 Samuel.

Maxwell talks about four stages of growth that all organizations experience when growing. I also thought about how much truth is in these four stages for any individual as well. It has me marinating a lot about my own heart and life.

Stage one – Entrepreneurial stage

In this stage dreams are born and vision is made. Moses did this when he led the nation of Israel out of Egypt. For me, this stage is where my dream takes on form and my passion, steps. God has wired me for something, and it is in this stage that I step out and start to pursue it. This is the stage where I start to say, “I think I might actually do this…

Stage two – Emerging Stage

This is the stage where credibility is formed. Joshua was the one who lead the nation of Israel in to the promise land. Word about their adventures and escape from Egypt preceded them. They were a nation feared, and led by a God who was mighty. Cities, and giants, were conquered through the leadership of Joshua. The nation of Israel was known as one not to be challenged.

Our dreams need credibility. People need to know that we have a reason for what we are saying. I know I have a hard time trusting someone who is speaking on topics that they have no experience in. There is also a waiting and patience that is crucial to this stage. God sized dreams come with development so that credibility can follow. What we are passionate about should come for the out pouring of our own lives and hearts, not just knowledge.

Stage three – Established Stage

It is within this stage that life seems to hit some cross roads. This is where stability is established. The first two stages tend take a while. Most people do not have the patience to wait that long, so the temptation is to take matters into our own hands. We think that we can make stability happen.

The Established stage started with Judges and ended in the book of Samuel. The nation of Israel decided that God was enough. They lost their reverential fear of the Lord God. Israel became complacent and comfortable with God. God lost power in their sight. So they started to worship other gods and mix with other cultures. The nation eventually demanded God for a king.

There is a deception that can take place in this stage. We can start to think that we can accomplish our dream better and faster. We dismiss God and start to become self-sufficient. This usually ends in frustration and failure.

Stage four – Erosion

In order for healthy growth to take place, we need to remember the dream and mission we started out this whole journey with. God size dreams do no cease to be God sized no matter how long the process takes. This is the stage that makes or breaks the dream.

I desire God sized dreams. I desire a God size life. This has been awesome for me to do a heart check with and see where I have fallen short and forgotten him.

What do your dreams look like in these stages?



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Teachability is a word I love. I crave teachability being a huge part of my character. I want to learn well. I desire to always be humble enough to know that I really don’t know.

This feels like my week for quotes from some “great cloud of witnesses.” About two months ago I purchased a new bible for me. John Maxwell released a “Leadership Bible.” I LOVE IT!! I am all about leadership. I have been blown away reading through scripture with eyes the of leadership.

This week, I have been reading Colossians. In chapter one, Maxwell talks about teachability being a staple for following after Christ. He has an idea that seems so simple, but yet is so great to think through.

Paul is writing a letter to the people of Colosse. He is encouraging them to stand firm in what they have heard. Paul usually interwines this theme throughout his letters to various places. But this letter seems to describe  more of a formula for being teachable.

Maxwell states that, “teachability begins with knowledge, moves to understanding, then results in application.”

Let’s pause and think about that. How many people have trouble moving from their head to their hearts? I know I can get stuck on knowledge; knowing what I should do. It is through understanding that application and fruit start to become a real thing.

I desire, so much, to be teachable. I crave understanding. I don’t just want logic for  my life. I am learning that it is through understanding that transformation begins to take form.

Are you teachable?

Do you stay in your head or your heart?

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