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There are many roads in life.

There is:

The road less traveled

The High and low road

Road to nowhere

Road to success

Road of possibilities

Road of healing

You might be at a crossroads or fork in the road.

Maybe you’re walking the road to redemption or truth.

Maybe you’re on a road trip or singing “Life Is A Highway.” (or not)

You could also just be at the end of your road.

Whatever road you are finding yourself o, it matters. Everyone has a road marked out for them. Every road is personally designed and tailor made.

This weekend, I watched a great movie called The Way. I loved it. It was about a group of four mismatched people walking an amazing journey along the Camino De Santiago.

This journey is made by thousands – all in search of something for their own hearts and lives. The most popular route of the Camino De Santiago starts in southern France and stretches 500 miles into Santiago, Spain.

The common hello and good bye was “buen Camino,” which translates to have a good trip, or good road to be exact.

Each character had a different purpose for walking the Camino. They all walked this stretch of life together. It was shared heart’s, shared stories, shared pain, shared questions, shared scenery, shared sorrow, and shared joy.

The road was challenging. It had set backs as well as abundance. They all had different paces. Each one made it to the end in Santiago.

The apostle James is said to be in Santiago. The original purpose for the pilgrimages across this Camino was to seek forgiveness from St. James. Thousands have walked the redemption road. People from all over the world, come to different life revelations.

It was so beautiful to watch and imagine all the stories along the Camino.

Everyone is on their own road marked out for them. Everyone is on some road of redemption. We meet many along the way – all stories are different and purposes not fully known. All Camino’s have challenges and questions. I want to encourage you to walk well with those journeying with you. Listen and love deeply.

Buen Camino!

What does YOUR Camino look like?


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Voices come in many different tones, inflections, and volume. However, every form is still saying something.

I have been reminiscing with my heart lately about times I have known is voice so clearly in me. I have felt far from anything in my life that seems to resemble me. I have been in a waiting pattern of life for a while.

I am realizing that the more I am involved in areas that I am wired for the more attuned to his voice I am. Feeling far from me makes sense for feeling like his voice is far as well. I am in no way saying that there are not ways of keeping his voice strong and present, but for me there is correlation.

I hear his voice when I ache to be using a certain skill set. I hear God strongly when glimpses of my element come into view. I even hear his voice more present in just studying topics I am drawn to.

We are drawn to specific things for a reason. We are all wired for something that he has for us – a specific purpose for you and me. Those things have his voice whispered all over them.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to have specific abilities? Have you found yourself being drawn to the same types of situations or circumstances?

God is constantly leading us into the direction he has for us. It is not a coincidence when you find yourself day dreaming about the same things repeatedly. Pay attention to what those things are for you. You will find his voice strong in those areas more often then not.

 So let me as you some questions:

Are you in the areas that are life giving to you?

Does hearing God’s voice and what you are doing correlate?

What kind of things/roles are YOU wired for?

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