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I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the stories of great decisions in the bible. I am sitting here shaking my head at how many people made the decision to give up life as they knew it for something completely unknown. For some, they didn’t even get to see anything that resembled what God asked them to do. Their fruit would be seen long after they had left.

Would I say yes to that? Would you?

Abraham believed God wanted to tell a story through him, so he packed up his family and all he had and left for a desolate land that only held the mirage of a dream.

Noah built a huge arc with the faith that what God wanted to say through him would come to fruition

Moses was on the run only to be asked to go back and take on Pharaoh to let thousands of his people go into freedom. He believed God was going to do something through him.

Job went through living hell, grief, abandonment, and loss for his faith. God had a story to tell through him that he would never sign up to tell for himself.

Hosea said yes to a life full of loss and betrayal from his wife all for the sake of a story being told through him.

The disciples walked away from everything known to follow and lead an unknown life.

Paul said yes to God telling His story through him. He abandoned life as he knew, and believed, it to be for the sake of God doing something with him.

Every one of our lives goes through the process of abandonment to get to a place where God wants to speak and act through us. Every one of us has to make the decision to leave something known to walk in faith towards something unknown and unpredictable.

The truth is that the life you really want will always take you down the road of abandonment. Sometimes that life is rich in pain, frustration, and question marks, but it’s still the story He is telling through you.

Abandonment is a scary word. It’s risky. It has no comforts, only hope.

It is one thing to say yes to abandon a life that needs it, but what about saying yes when it will mean hard and pain?

I can’t wrap my brain around those who said yes to God using their lives to tell a story they would never choose for themselves. Hosea’s life was just plain hard and heart wrenching. Mary said yes to potential scrutiny, shame, ridicule, and shunning. God asked to tell a story through them.

Would I? Would you?

Is your life a story God is telling that you would not choose to tell for yourself? Is He asking if you would be willing? Even if this story leads to hard and pain, would you be willing? If He wanted to tell a story through your life that was only to bear fruit after you were gone, would you do it? Are you living this way now?

Living out faith doesn’t always look like favor and bliss. It doesn’t always resemble “blessings” and good fruit. Sometimes faith looks like persevering in the midst of a sea of tears and question marks. Some stories bear the harsh contractions of waiting and being misunderstood.

Scripture says that “some people escaped the edge of the sword and some died by it,” but all are walking in faith.

Would I? Would you?




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An inciting incident is something that happens to a character in a story that creates an “Aha!” moment. It is that pivotal situation that enables a fork in the road of life change and decision making.

We all have circumstances that have changed the course of our lives.

Some incidents we don’t invite or ask for, but they happen. Change is sometimes forced on us. Every circumstance comes with decisions to make in how to handle them. The fork in the road speaks of paths that will either lead to healing, or further pain.

I have had several inciting incidents in my life. I can honestly say that I have not handled some of them well. My scars speak of pain and voids, but they also speak of my process of faith and healing.

For the past year, I have been a part of a writing project. I, along with 5 other authors, dive in depth into our own stories, unpacking our personal inciting incidents. It was such a rich experience.


Today, we are doing something powerful and unique. We all have stories to tell. We all have amazing things to offer the lives and stories of others.

I would love to hear yours!


I am inviting you today to be a part of a blogging opportunity to tell us about your inciting incident.

Basically, you’d write a post about an event in your own life—good or bad—that changed things forever and pushed your story forward. You can share in as much or as little detail as you want, in your own creative style, and highlight the insights and life-changes you gained from your experiences.

After your post goes live, link up with us on the Inciting Incidents site. Check out the amazing stories of others as well.

My hope is that we can encourage and find hope through one another’s life lessons. I believe this will can lead to some powerful and rich community.

If you are wondering where you can buy the book….come on over to Amazon!

 What is an Inciting Incident in your life ?

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This night was just like any other. Routines were in place. Last minute homework I didn’t want to do, and procrastination running rapid. It was 11:00 PM, time for my nightly shower. I am no morning person. Mom was watching TV in bed and Dad reading the paper on the couch.

Finishing my shower, I opened the door to a change in scenery. My mom was out of bed and lights were on. My father was nowhere to be found. Sobs were coming from downstairs as my mom was talking to my brother on the phone; “you need to come home” is all she could get out.

I quickly threw my clothes on and rushed downstairs. “What happened!?” I demanded of my mom. Tears rushed down her face, “your father has left. He is not coming back.” Words of a confessed affair came in slow motion as the mushroom cloud of my life went up.

Talking about God’s redemption in a life changing chapter of my life. Would love you thoughts and stories on how you have experienced God in the midst of your grief.

Hanging out with my friend Marni Arnold on her site, Relevant Brokenness. Come stop by!

Read More….

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Stories are the things that change lives and situations. Life stories bring hope, dreams, courage, strength, love, joy, compassion, forgiveness, and grace. Stories change minds and hearts.

The bible is filled with countless life stories of people who were changed by encounters with Jesus. I am always amazed that I can read through the scriptures and find any one of my hearts circumstances in another person’s story.

The greatest thing about God is that he always meets people where they are.

 My life story is filled with the ups and downs of grief and brokenness. My encounter with God came at the intersection of having just given my life to Christ and my family falling apart…..

Honored to be part of an amazing series on “Encountering God” over on my friend Carl’s blog today. 

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts and stories!

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I love stories. I love listening to how characters form and wisdom is revealed through story. I love the heart of people’s stories as well. We are always telling some sort of story with our everyday lives.

The bible is filled with unbelievable stories. There are characters you fall in love with, crush on (John), and root for. There are also those characters that make you want to yell out loud at the pages like a TV screen.

Everyone has a story. Everyone is telling a story. But who is it for?

I love asking that question when I read stories in the bible. I am a huge fan of trying to place myself in each character of that story. I am talking characters that are not talked about – the ones on the sidelines, in the crowd, the silent ones, and the supporting actors.

Because who is the story for?

The story is for you, me, and every person within experiencing range of the story.

I started asking this question when I read the story of when Jesus changes water into top shelf wine. At first glance the story might look like it’s for the people attending the banquet, the master of the banquet, Jesus’ disciples, or his mother. For me, the story is for the servants who filled the ceremonial jars up with water.

Why these guys? What did they have to do with it?

In my perception, I think these were the guys who got the depth of what Jesus did more than anyone there that night.

Jesus was approached by his mother with the problem that the banquet party was about to run out of wine. This was a problem because the party was not nearly ready to come to a completion. There would have been a lot of embarrassment for the hosting family had the wine run out. It would be like the record scratching and the middle of the dance flooring coming to a complete standstill.

Jesus didn’t ask his disciples to step up. He didn’t ask his mother to gather some of the other women and help out. Jesus asked the servants to fill large jugs full of water. This is not a small process. Each servant had to make round trips to the well to get the water. I’m sure each round trip provided some room to process for these servants.

If I were one of these men filling up buckets to pour into water jars, I would be having a serious inner monologue going on. It would sound something like, “what is this guy thinking? Did he not hear his mother say that they were out of WINE not WATER!? What the heck am I doing filling up jars with water? We are the ones who are going to look like fools, not this man. What does this have to do with wine? We are still going to have the same problem after we do this meaningless task.”

After each jar was full to the brim, Jesus asks one of the servants to take some to the master. I mean did they draw straws on who was going to take the hit of embarrassment?

What happened next was that out of obedience, a servant took the master some water. He tasted it and his reaction was one that servant would never forget. Not only was the water transformed into wine, but the best wine he had tasted yet.

This servant was the one who really understood what happened that night. I can’t imagine the stories that were told after that night. I can’t imagine the murmurs heard throughout town by talk started from these servants. Wouldn’t you?

Who is your story for?

Most often it is for the ones you don’t even recognize or are looking for. Our story is being told all the time. The great part about stories is they are for everyone.

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Today I started a new journal. Starting a new journal is so intimidating for me. I usually sit and stare at it for a while before I open it. I wonder what will be written on it’s pages. I wonder what new things will be on my heart. I wonder what dreams, pain, wrestling, and restless thoughts will be written out. I wonder about the prayers of my deep heart. I wonder what new me I will be during this next journal.

I am hopeful. I am ready for a new season. Literally every time I finish a journal, I am already on my transition from one season to the next. It is no different today. With welly eyes, I am ready.

I wonder what this book will say. Journaling reminds me that He is still very much writing out a story in me. He only gives me chapters at a time.

The next chapter is beginning.

Deep breath….

Page one…..

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