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There have been so many seasons in my life where I have needed someone to help me make sense of it all. I am restless by nature. I love starting new things, and I am ALWAYS dreaming. There is a tension that comes with finding the path through the passions of my heart.

We all need help. We all need people.

I am a huge fan and proponent of counselors, mentors, and life coaches. Over the course of my life, I have worn the hat of all three roles. I have also been the recipient of all three of these gifts as well. I have found that there is nothing more life giving for me then when I am helping others wrestle through the reality of life’s challenges.

I love people.

I love helping and empowering people to figure out the puzzle pieces of their own hearts. Our challenges and question marks matter. Our restlessness is motivating and directionally based. Our hurts and pain are real. They matter. YOU matter!

I just have launched my new endeavor of Life Coaching! For the past decade I have been working in the counseling field. I have my Master’s in Professional Counseling. I am really excited to start something new. I always say that my dream job would be sitting at Starbucks all day long and meeting with different people. So let’s do this!

Some of you may be wondering what Life Coaching is all about. Let’s be honest, we all have places we feel stuck in life. Everyone is unique in their own process. No two challenges are the same. Coaching is in place to help you get unstuck – gain wisdom and understanding about how to move forward. You might be wrestling with turning your dreams into reality, shifting careers, navigating relational conflicts, developing boundaries, or relearning healthy life habits. It all matters.

So here are my questions for you. Do you find yourself day dreaming about doing something else than your current career? Are you frustrated with dealing with the same issues all the time? Are you bored and restless? Do you know what you are passionate about? Are you doing those things?

We are all created with unique personalities and gifting. I really want to help you figure out the best YOU, you are created to be.

Let’s talk coaching.

Click HERE to learn more about what coaching is and to SIGN UP for coaching with me.

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I have lived in many different places. Ambition and drive are always present, but wear different masks. When I lived in DC drive looked like competition of the corporate ladder. Business suites, politics, and salary were the measure of one’s success. Nashville wears the mask of image and fame. The drive looks like the comparison of creativity and talent.

The competition of success becomes the filter through which we relate to others and view ourselves.

We live in a measurable culture. Andy Stanley calls it the “comparison Trap.” We are constantly looking to the right and left to see where we measure up against that of other people. We develop judgments through conversations to determine if we are “okay.” We are constantly drawing conclusions that sound like, “well I’m better than that person, or further ahead, but I am not that person.”

What determines success?

The easy answer is that money makes the bar of success. Maybe having a best seller is success, or a hit song. Success is whatever makes you considered the best in your field of determination. However, the issue with the false advertising of success is that the bar is unmeetable. There will always be someone who we will see has better or beneath us.

Success needs redefining. Success needs a new outlook.

Matt Chandler has opened my eyes to what success should look like – what it really is. In his book Explicit Gospel, he talks about how the prophets in the bible would not be considered successful by our culture’s standards.  Chandler states,

Now if Isaiah was a minister within today’s evangelicalism, he’d be considered and utter failure. Jeremiah would be an utter failure. Moses didn’t get to enter the promise land. John the Baptist didn’t get to see the ministry of Jesus. We would not view the ministry of these men as successful. One of the things we don’t preach well is that ministry that looks fruitless is constantly happening in the scriptures. We don’t do conferences on that. There aren’t too many books written about how you can toil away all your life and be unbelievably faithful to God and see little fruit this side of Heaven. We have to be wary of the idea that numeric growth and enthusiastic response are always signs of success.

I read about these guys and think, “Wow! They were doing something – they had audiences, and followers. They were speaking words that mattered.” However, the truth is that not many people listened to them, well at least for Isaiah and Jeremiah. Isaiah was out right rejected for his message and obedience. Do we consider them successful because they are now known and “famous?”

Chandler states that, “faithfulness is success. Obedience is success.”

There is a tension of wanting to do more to be more. Drive and passion are good, but faithfulness and character matter more. Success should be driven by how we treat people – how marriage shows commitment and loyalty. Success should look like celebrating the gifts and talents of others while being great at where you are presently.

Success and failure should not be defined by comparison. Small things matter. You gifts and your heart matters. How you are faithful and obedient to those abilities given to you is what success is. Love well. Wait well. Celebrate other people often. Be successful at who you are, not what you do.

What is frustrating to you about success?

What is your comparison trap?

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Love is something too big to understand and grasp. Even when we think we have love figured out, she blows our mind.

Love is the one thing sought after and fought for. Love defies logic. Love makes a person crazy.

Love is all consuming. Love feels deeply. Love is seen, heard and valued. Love is cherished and treasured.

Love fights for the heart. Love goes after the heart. Love is honey to the soul.

Love is affection. Love is faithful and committed. Love forgives and covers over a mountain of wrong with grace.

Love is the exhale in fear. Love is peace in anxiousness. Love validates worth. Love says you matter.

Love is a choice. Love holds boundaries of security. Love protects. Love has no question, but the action of love speaks volumes over words.

Love chooses to keep believing and trying. Love works towards trust and healing.

Love risks, even though….

Love lays down life for another. Love is not an option. Love is obedience – a choice – a command. Love is surrender.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

What is LOVE to you?

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I hear people say the phrase, “God told me…” a lot. “God told me to” is often used as an explanation for why people do the things they do and make the decisions they make. Sometimes there are no real words to explain the “why” for you other than, “well, I felt like God was….”

What does God’s voice sound like? What does it really mean when someone uses a phrase like that?

A phrase like that sounds crazy to a person who does not have a relationship with the Lord. Brows become furrowed and and faces contort trying to figure out what that really means.

For those who believe, Jesus stated that “his sheep would know his voice.” So what does God’s voice sound like? How do you know it’s him?

I have three questions I ask myself when it comes to hearing from him. Hopefully they will help you as you learn to hear from him.

How am I wired?

This question has everything to do with our personalities. One key question to answer for yourself is whether or not you are a dominant thinker of feeler? Do you process by facts instead of hearing between the lines?

I am a feeler. I feel deeply about everything. This is also linked to discernment for me. I tend to hear what is not being said more than what is. That means something.  When things feel off that means something for me. God motivates me through emotions of restlessness and frustration. I know our feelings can be deceiving, but they are also telling. I hear God by feeling deeply the stories and characters I am reading about in scripture. I know his voice of grace, because I really know what his grace feels like.

What am I drawn to?

What our hearts and passions are drawn to matter in a huge way. God speaks through the things we love. He has wired us uniquely to do something.

I will never be great at administration at all. I actually hate it! Nothing about that job stirs my heart in anyway. However, get me in a crowd of people talking about hard life topics and truth…I’m IN! That means something. That is vision defining for my life. What we are drawn to means everything. Our passions are his voice in and through us.

How do I receive in my life? What gets into my heart?

How do you hear things like love, truth, and respect? How would you answer the question of knowing your loved? How do you receive?

These are huge questions to recognizing God’s voice in your life. Finding the answers to these questions builds a huge bridge between his voice and your heart.

I am still learning this one about myself. I am not good at receiving. This puts a wall up between God’s voice and my heart. How I answer these questions is making all the difference to knowing him more.

Our personalities are wired uniquely to hear him. Our passions and the drawing of our hearts means so much. How we really receive is huge to hearing from him.

Try out some of these questions and see what happens. Would love to know if you start to hear from him more as you get to know yourself more.  

How do you hear from him? How do you recognize his voice?


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Have you ever been mesmerized by someone speaking? (This can be in conversation or up in front of a crowd.) Have you ever felt captivated by someone’s words? Have you ever wanted to be in on what someone else was getting fired up about?

Those are the times where you are listening to the heart most present.

I love listening to the heart. I love listening, and responding, to people who are so full of passion. Passion makes the heart overflow.

I smile so big when the person speaking recognizes they have just had a “carried away” kind of moment.

Maxwell has a great quote that I love – “Leaders must hear from God before they speak for God.”

There is such a marked difference when someone is speaking from the heart. I am always captivated by someone who has experienced, and wrestled through, what they are talking about.

Experiences that are so a part of us are easy to talk about. I know for me, there are some things that are so easy for me speak about. This can be both topics of passion or pain. Things of the heart do not need a script.

I want to be this kind of a speaker and communicator. I want to be the kind of person who speaks from what is in my heart. Always. I desire for people to experience the overflow of my heart. I know this can go both ways with negative things as well, but it’s my desire nonetheless.

I want to encourage you to wrestle first before speaking. Maybe this is what James meant when he said, “be quick to listen, and slow to speak.” I want us to be passionate people about really knowing God. I desire so much for us to be a people who offer out of the overflow of intimacy in wrestling with him.

Wrestle with the hard things. Wrestle with your story.

Do you know how the disciples were recognized? They were seen, and heard, as people “who had been with Jesus.” I want that for you and me!

I value the heart so much. I value what the overflow is saying. So in my own version of Maxwell’s quote, internalize it before you verbalize it.

What can you talk about that needs no script?

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This weekend I got to spend time dreaming with some amazing people at Dream Year DC. I had attended the Dream Year weekend in Nashville in January. I loved it. I was so glad for the opportunity to give back for that amazing experience by serving.

Ben Arment is an amazingly gifted guy when it comes to making dreams happen. One thing I have always respected about Ben is his passion. Ben has the same passion when it comes to talking with one person or hundred. He is gifted.

Dreams will stay dreams until we risk to give them form and vision.

I feel like I have been waiting for a long time. Not always waiting well, but waiting. Mark Batterson talked about waiting from Habakkuk, “For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and not delay.

I have always been asking myself the question of what am I supposed to be doing in the waiting? What depends on me verses what is stepping out on God?

I am learning that there are some things I can do while waiting. Jesus, among many other greats in the bible, was always growing.

While Jesus was growing up scripture states that he, “grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

While we are in the waiting, I’ve got some things we can do.

Always choose to learn

There is so much for us to learn about whose we are. Mark Batterson stated that, “dreams will make you pray more, and prayer will make you dream more.”

There is so much to learn about our gifts. I want to make sure I am reading all I can about speaking, vision, his truth, and anything that pertains to my dreams. Read a lot, or if not reading, listen to podcasts of people you admire. Have conversations with people who are ahead of where you are and learn from their hearts.


Craft and tweak your gifts. Start out in small ways to see what you are good at, what your passions are, and what makes you fired up.

Listen to what you tend to marinate on and think about. Ask people for feedback on what they see in you. Ask for help in areas you that are not your gifts.


Our dreams take risk. Risk in the areas you can now. Risk to believe that you are wired to do something. Risk to believe that where you are is okay. Risk in your willingness to fail. Risk to ask in ways that might seem scary, but could make all the difference. Risk.

What can your waiting look like?

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Hi friends! I have the privilege of hanging out with Sierra Nichole on her blog today!

We had a fun time of a Q & A interview time! Come get to know my heart behind my passion.

I would love any questions that you might have for me as well!!

Bring em!




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