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Last week I filled out the paper work and sent my passport into be renewed. It may seem stupid, but it took me a few minutes to let my passport go.

I flipped through her pages and smiled at all of her stories. The last ten years of life being told through stamps. 

I couldn’t help but get teary eyed.

This was my second passport completed. I am so thankful for the words and memories she holds in her pages.

I would have to say that my passport is my most priced possession. She is one thing that I hold most dear to me. My passport is the diary of my passion and heart. 

I have traveled to over 14 different countries and used her over 23 times.

I have spent time drinking wine in Spain and  Italy. I’ve lounged on the beach in the Dominican.

I ran around the hills and sights of Greece eating gyros, drinking “Ouzo, ” and yelling, “OPA!”

I’ve swam with Great White sharks, held tigers, gone on safari, served the poor through faith conversations, and had my life changed by the people of South Africa. 

I have had life changing conversations and experiences in Lebanon. I floated on the surface of the Dead Sea in Jordan, and watched as scripture came alive on the streets of Israel.

I have stories for many more. Life has been full of goodness and exposure. I would trade any of my adventures for anything.

I’m excited for what new adventures are to come. I am REALLY excited to check more off of my bucket list!!

What stamps are in your passport?

What tops your list of places to visit and experience?


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Adventure makes my heart soar high! I don’t really have to think twice about saying yes to adventure. Any chance to do something crazy, I’m in.

Traveling is one of those things that taps into some place deep down in me. Traveling adventures make me feel alive in a way I can’t explain. Maybe it’s the newness of everything and everyone that makes the extrovert in me perk up. Maybe it’s the fact that anything can happen. It’s as if the illogical part of my brain becomes my normal thinking. Faith seems to feel real when I am able to step out of all things familiar and routines set aside. Traveling adventures enable an open door to new experiences and new possibilities.

To me, I live for experiences. Experience is how I understand life. I will always choose to spend my money on an experience rather than any “thing.”

In fact! As you are reading this, I am experiencing life in the midst of my traveling adventure. My passport has been stamped, and I am loving life. Right now, I am probably trying to capture some great Kodak moment or recording my experience through flip video. There is also a strong possibility that I am trespassing somewhere I am not “supposed” to be. Eek!

This week could not have come soon enough. My tank has been on reserve and my patience less than existent. Going to bed early just taunted my need for more sleep. I am overjoyed that for a week I am not unavailable. For a week, I get to sit among people where I have no idea what is being said, but where a smile and laughter always translate. I have been ready to experience new food, new drink, new skies, new sunrises and sunsets, and new scenery that solidifies that God is so much bigger than I can comprehend.


How do you best experience life?

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