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I hear people say the phrase, “God told me…” a lot. “God told me to” is often used as an explanation for why people do the things they do and make the decisions they make. Sometimes there are no real words to explain the “why” for you other than, “well, I felt like God was….”

What does God’s voice sound like? What does it really mean when someone uses a phrase like that?

A phrase like that sounds crazy to a person who does not have a relationship with the Lord. Brows become furrowed and and faces contort trying to figure out what that really means.

For those who believe, Jesus stated that “his sheep would know his voice.” So what does God’s voice sound like? How do you know it’s him?

I have three questions I ask myself when it comes to hearing from him. Hopefully they will help you as you learn to hear from him.

How am I wired?

This question has everything to do with our personalities. One key question to answer for yourself is whether or not you are a dominant thinker of feeler? Do you process by facts instead of hearing between the lines?

I am a feeler. I feel deeply about everything. This is also linked to discernment for me. I tend to hear what is not being said more than what is. That means something.  When things feel off that means something for me. God motivates me through emotions of restlessness and frustration. I know our feelings can be deceiving, but they are also telling. I hear God by feeling deeply the stories and characters I am reading about in scripture. I know his voice of grace, because I really know what his grace feels like.

What am I drawn to?

What our hearts and passions are drawn to matter in a huge way. God speaks through the things we love. He has wired us uniquely to do something.

I will never be great at administration at all. I actually hate it! Nothing about that job stirs my heart in anyway. However, get me in a crowd of people talking about hard life topics and truth…I’m IN! That means something. That is vision defining for my life. What we are drawn to means everything. Our passions are his voice in and through us.

How do I receive in my life? What gets into my heart?

How do you hear things like love, truth, and respect? How would you answer the question of knowing your loved? How do you receive?

These are huge questions to recognizing God’s voice in your life. Finding the answers to these questions builds a huge bridge between his voice and your heart.

I am still learning this one about myself. I am not good at receiving. This puts a wall up between God’s voice and my heart. How I answer these questions is making all the difference to knowing him more.

Our personalities are wired uniquely to hear him. Our passions and the drawing of our hearts means so much. How we really receive is huge to hearing from him.

Try out some of these questions and see what happens. Would love to know if you start to hear from him more as you get to know yourself more.  

How do you hear from him? How do you recognize his voice?



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I have spent time in many Starbucks, and this many states. I love listening to what people are meeting about. I will admit that I am that girl who has ear phones in, but no music playing just to listen to conversations around me.

I have realized more and more that the type of conversations are dependent on where I am location wise.

Sitting in Northern Virginia, I hear conversations revolving around business transactions and ideas that are predominately career related. The conversations are fast paced.

I have sat at Starbucks in Southern California where conversations sound like ideals, entertainment, and some what materialistic.

I have ease dropped on conversations in Nashville Tennessee. For starters, I had to get used to the words accented with way too many syllables and southern draw. Most conversations revolved around the exchange of creative ideas. I have heard conversations of books and music. Nashville has a different definition of portfolio than the DC area does. Nashville had conversations filled with people who were trying to figure out dreams.

Each place has its own conversational style and content. I have loved learning about where I am just by listening to the conversations around me.

I would love to know what kind things people talk about where you are. This can be any coffee shop or place you like to spend time sitting in.

Coffee talk if you will!



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I chuckle so hard sometimes listening to how different my likes are from others. I love hearing the response of “WHAT!?” in a conversation when people talk about what they like and don’t like.

Most people “WHAT!” me when I tell them I don’t like anything sweet, especially ice cream and chocolate. (I heard that!) But give me some Tostitos and salsa! Mmmmm! I am way more tempted by hot and spicy then sweet. And hide your bread, because I love me some bread!

As funny as those moments are, they are so telling about how I am wired, as well as someone else. We are all wired in unique ways, this is true for our wants and desires as well. This is also true for our temptations.

Scripture states that, “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind.”

We are not all tempted by the same things. I am not tempted to eat ice cream, but I am tempted to go to town on some chips and salsa. It may seem simple, but it is just that simple.

Our temptations are unique to how God has wired us.

I am going to be most tempted by the things that challenge my gifts and personality. Temptations are those things that try and entice us  off of the right track for our lives. Temptations are our personal stumbling blocks to moving forward.

After Jesus was baptized in the river, he went out into the desert and was tempted by Satan. Satan used temptations that were personal to what Jesus’ purpose and life was to be about for God. He does the same with us.

For me, I am naturally wired to be more of leader. I love leading and will usually step into those roles more often than not. I love teaching and leading others into experiencing God’s truth. My passions are the heart and story of people. My biggest temptations are going to be in regards to my focus, motivation, and perspective.

My temptations will be to lead on my own, thinking I know better than God. I can also be tempted to take the attention and recognition instead of leading in the direction of the one who deserves it.

Temptations can also play out in subtle ways as well. Leaders most often fight the battle of envy in their lives as well. Leaders want to be unique, offer, and influence. The temptation can be to respond in ways that fight to get a head. The temptation can also be to choose the road of comparison, which leads to dissatisfaction. I find these temptations to be true for me as a leader.

I have been working hard to keep these temptations in check. The fruit of denying these temptations have been peace, security, and the ability to celebrate others; makes a huge difference.

Our temptations are unique to us. They say a lot about our hearts desires, as well as how we are wired.

What are your temptations saying about your heart?

What kind of temptations do you have?


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Tonight, I had the opportunity to see some really talented musicians do their thing. It was awesome! I love going to hear live music. I love experiencing others gifts of stringing words together, creating a mood, and listening to fun band banter.

Concerts are experiences. I have been to quite a few shows and each experience is different. The experience makes all the difference.

We also have experiences with one another. We encounter people’s personalities, passions, moods, soap boxes, opinions (two cents), knowledge, questions, and fears. Each interaction with another person is an experience.

I have been asking myself the questions of what kind of experiences do people have when they interact with me? I am not just talking about face-to-face either – online matters as well.

I value the kind of experience people have with me a great deal.

Do you?

I desire for people to feel loved and seen with me. I want people to know that I am listening and care about their hearts. I love people and hope that they feel valued. I am by no means an expert at any of those things. However, that is what I hope. I hope people experience me as being the same person no matter where we are interacting. I hope I come across as genuine and real. I value both highly.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my impatient days. I have days where my fears project wrongly on those I love. The extrovert in me is not always the most present. I definitely have days I want to tell people what is really on my mind. In the end, I hope that people still experience more of my heart in the midst of those days.

What are people experiencing with you?

Are you real and authentic?

Is your heart clear?

Are you the same person no matter where you are?

What do you desire for other people to walk away knowing about you? 

What is the experience you are offering?


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I love getting to know other people’s personality’s. It is so fun for me to watch dynamics play out in group settings. I chuckle to myself when strong wills and traits collide.

Every person is wired a certain way. Every person has a unique personality DNA that is unique. We have passions that rise up for certain reasons. We have get fired up over certain things that other people may not find interesting. Some of us enjoy alone time, while others can’t get enough people time in their day.

I have always enjoyed studying personality traits. I love seeing people for who they are. I desire to see past words spoken and into the heart.

One of the most popular tests that measure personality traits is called Myers Briggs. This test basically breaks down how a person processes information, how a person finds energy, and interprets people as well as their surroundings.

I am an ENFP according to my Myers Briggs test. I am an extreme extravert who loves being around people a lot. I find my energy from being around a diverse group of people; the more the merry for me. I know I need the balance of alone time, but it takes conscious effort for me. It also takes me coming down to the end of my rope of energy to take alone time. Alone time for me looks like my Ipod, a book, and journal and camping out at Starbucks. I still need to have people around.

I am also pretty passionate about the big picture and get annoyed by the details of life. Everything I process filters through a lense of feeling and intuition. I don’t need all the facts up front to make a decision. I go on gut feeling first and facts later. I trust my heart more than my mind. This can get me into impulsive trouble.

I can definitely frustrate other people by my lack of planning skills. I love having lots of options. I base a lot of my decision making on how I am feeling in the moment. I am all about spontaneity with some selective routine.

I am a person of strong values. I am very independent and love inspiring others. I feel at a deep level where compassion consumes my heart.

Knowing how you think and perceive life is crucial to knowing who you are. It is also crucial to knowing how you relate to and work with other people. Our personality affects everything we pursue. It also affects how we respond to life.

I would love to know more of your personality. You can click the link below and take the test for yourself. Since Myers Briggs is such a well known test, taking it on the internet takes aways some of the reliability, but it is still good to get a sense of you.


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Are you a person who prefers routine in your life, or do you prefer doing whatever and being spontaneous?

I am a person who is selective about routine. I don’t really like structure, but know I need some. My preference in life is to be open ended and spontaneous.

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I have always said phrases and words with my own added twist to them. I would love to know what some of yours are!

Here are some examples of my quirkyness….

  • Oh my dang
  • Grr! Or brings out the Grr in me
  • Cups up
  • Chuckles or chuckle house
  • Housed (as in I just housed that burrito)
  • Get your ___ on (get your groove on)
  • Love me some ____
  • Son of a bee sting!
  • That is the jam!
  • Shut the front door! (a.k.a. no way!)
  • True story
  • weak sauce (meaning something is lame)
  • Holla!
  • Honey to my soul

What are some of your fave things you say?

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