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This idea of carrying the weight of influence scares me. If I was being most honest, it scares me to think that my life, words, actions, silence, beliefs, and values affect others. I do not take the fact that I am in influential positions lightly. I choose my words carefully.

These days I am finding myself more and more in positions of influence. As a Life Coach, I am working with individuals to make desired changes in their lives. That is a big deal to me. As a speaker, I am responsible for the words spoken from my mouth. My heart feels heavy just thinking about the weight of influence that desire holds for me. The weight of that influence represents truth, hope, living as one who believes and knows someone greater than myself. My life is meant to magnify the one I want to speak about.

Blogging is a way of speaking as well. Social media reflects our character and how we treat people. There is a weight I feel when posting. I am methodical about what I write, even if it’s light-hearted. I desire to influence those who read.

Written words, in any form, and for any reason should not be taken lightly.

Everything I say and do should reflect the answer to the question Jesus asks of who I say he is. Before I can be a Coach and a Speaker,  I have to just be a follower after him. Before I can play those roles, I must walk out the identity I claim in him. If I had no job, I would still be responsible and accountable to claim Jesus as the Christ. There is still a weight of influence to those who you don’t know are watching and listening. There is a weight of influence for yourself.

You have to be what you want to say!

I do not take my words lightly. I want to be good for others. I desire to speak truth, provide truth and hope. I crave the weight of my influence to point people to someone greater than me. Even the ones I don’t know are listening and watching.

How do you handle the weight of your influence?

How have you seen influence used poorly?


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Social media is just that Social. hands-texting-

There are so many ways to interact, communicate, and meet people online.

Thousands of people use social media for thousands of things.

I love being on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! I LOVE PEOPLE! I love connecting with people from all over the world. It is so dang fast, and so dang fun. Don’t get me wrong, boundaries are so necessary and important, but I twitter to connect with the heart’s of others.

I blog because I am passionate about conversations. I love community conversations. I love when community connects. I love watching other people connect. The heart to teach runs deep in me.  I love what challenges the heart. I am all about providing a topic and place to talk.

Why do YOU?

why are you on Twitter?

Why do have a Facebook account?

If you blog, Why?

What is your motivation to be online in some capacity?

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