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Sometimes all the words I have are a mash up of my mixy heart before him. Would love for you to pray with me, and for you if you want space to pray as well.

Everyone prays differently. I use the model of John 17 for praying. In John 17, Jesus prays for himself, his friends, and all believers.

Father, my heart has been in this stutter step of emotion. I feel like one minute I am riding the waves of encouragement and momentum, and the next I lose my breath. Maybe that says something about my trust in you, or my faith that wavers. Maybe that makes me one tossed by the waves and wind, but it’s still my heart I am bring to you.

You have been redefining some huge things in me. I am so grateful for your gentleness and patience with me. Deep change in my heart brings anxiousness, but I’m trying to sit in the uncomfortable process. Transformation is all about unlearning lies and old patterns. Some of those have functioned as security blankets, false security at that, but something I’ve known. Thank you for loving me so much to want to change me for the better. Thank you for thinking I’m worth your best – your transformation.

Father, I give you my friendships. I give you the ones with my death grip on them. I know they are gifts from you. I pray that you would teach us how to keep you acknowledged and known in the friendships. These are the treasured friends you have given me. I always want to remember that they are your gifts. I want to treat them as such. Help us be responsible with one anothers life and hearts. Teach us how to make you known. I want other people to know love more, as well as, who you are by my friendships. Please teach us how to make you known. Keep them safe. Hold their heart as they wrestle with your transforming things as well. Strengthen their crawling to you hearts. Bless them with specific things just for them.

I pray for all believers who are struggling to dream. Please strengthen your people who are trying to live differently for you. Teach us your dreams and passions. Give your people a craving for the things that you value – the things that matter to you. Change our minds to think in terms of what will makes us dependent, surrendered, and in service to you. Awaken a people who will follow hard after you. Show us how to be authentically healthy in how we love one another. Show us how to be a church without walls; a people who are the church for you.

Father, I surrender my words and heart to you. In your son’s perfect name…amen

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Read this blessing in a book that my roommate, Stephanie Dole is reading, and it has been rocking my world.

May God bless you with discomfort at easy answers, hard hearts, half-truths, and superficial relationships, so that you may live from deep within your heart where God’s spirit dwells.

May God bless you with tears to shed for those who suffer from pain, rejection, starvation, and war, so that you may reach out your hand to comfort them and turn their pain into joy.

And may God bless you with enough foolishness to believe that you can make a difference in this world and in your neighborhood, so that you will courageously try what you don’t think you can do, but in Jesus Christ you will have the strength necessary to do.

May God bless you that you remember we are called to continue God’s redemptive work of love and healing in God’s place, in and through God’s name, in God’s spirit continually creating and breathing new life in grace into everything and everyone we touch.

Dang! now that is praying!


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Sometimes all I’ve got are prayers….Sometimes all there is to be done with your heart is praying.

My model for prayer comes from John 17. In this chapter Jesus prays for himself, his disciples, and all believers.

Pray with me if you want to, or take some space on here and pray for your heart.

Father, I have so many words to give you, but no articulation is coming. My heart has been losing breath over heaviness. Waves of fear and insecurity have bombared my heart. I am sick of my anxious thoughts. I am sick of feeling the my blood rise up and down in the pit of my stomach. My clenched fists are tired of gripping. I thank you for patience as I exhaust myself. Father, I give you my weary heart to redeem. I give you my tears as I sit still waiting. I give you my hope that feels like an illusion. I give you my tired heart. Please open your arms so I can crawl through my tears onto your lap.

Find rest, my soul, in him alone. Forgive me for my tantrums. Forgive me for my demands of timing and control. Forgive me for doubting that you are for me. Forgive me for treating you like a sticky on the wall and not the intimate God of my deep. You are the only lifter of my head. Breath life back into me. Rush over me with you as peace in all of my tension filled places. Help me to exhale.

Father, I pray for my friends. I pray that you would be more real to them right now then they have known. I pray that you would be the lifter of their exhausted and fear filled heads. I pray, more than anything, that we would be good for each other. Teach us how to keep you bigger than one another. Keep us honest in our lack of knowledge and direct each other to you. I ask that you would bless our relationships. Thank you for my friends. Thank you for how much more I know you because of those you have given me. Keep me open handed with them. Thank you for how they make my life rich. I am so grateful for your gifts. Thank you that you are so much more real through relationships.

Father, I pray for all of those who are trying to figure out how to keep you as God in their lives. Give your followers strength to stand confident in looking foolish for you. Give strength to perservere as your people make decisions to go deeper with you this year. You are the God of relationships. Teach us how to be your community, your voice, your reflection, your different than the world. Give us all a starvation to know you more. Change our lives. Change this world through us. I pray this year would be a different year for your name in this world.

It’s in your sons name that I have hope to say any of this at all. Thank you father. Amen.

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Sometimes prayer is all I’ve got.

I use John 17 as my model of prayer.

Would love for you to pray with me, or take some space on here to pray.

Father……sometimes that seems like all I have for you. I am so thankful that you know, and hear, the silent words of my heart. My mind feels busy, my body tired. They do not go together, well. My heart is full of questions, but none of those really seem to matter this morning as I just crave you. Breathe your life into my bones and heart. Show me hope past today. I don’t want things. I don’t want “more.” I just want you. I want sit on your lap with my head asleep on your chest, and exhale. I want to exhale that you are God and I am not. I don’t have to understand, but ask for hope in the waiting. I feel like I am standing still, not sure what to do next. I feel like I have one foot in the air ready to step, but not sure where. So here I am, one foot and waiting. I hear you whisper, “believe.” I will try.

Father, grab the hands of my friends as they walk on water to you. Their lives beckon faith in crushing amounts. I believe in you for them. I pray for strength and sobering sight of how to hear and see. Bless your soft voice in their ears. Protect the them from louder voices that try and shout their annoying way in. Bless my friends with discernment on how to hear you; how to hear and see through the hard. There is nothing but patience and strength in front of them. I pray your hand would be the one felt. Bring the joy of hope. Bring joy, bring hope. Bring you in the only way they know you Lord.

I pray for all believer’s who are trying to choose faith today. I pray for strength to keep choosing the hard of following after you. You are worth our fight and foolishness. Give peace to those who look foolish today for following after you. Bless the eyes and ears of all believer’s to not miss what you are doing. Show us more and more how freeing it is to really choose you. “May integrity and uprightness protect” everyone.

It’s in your son’s perfect name….amen.





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Just praying

Sometimes all the words my heart has is just prayer. Pray with me or for you if you would like.

Father, my heart hangs low as I try to find words to offer you. Father, this season requires courageous risk out of me. I am finding it hard to trust your character building in me. I ask for your peace and patience to fill my heart. Fill me with confidence to be courageous. Show me the areas in me that I still grip out of fear. Show me where my heart needs to surrender to you. Please bless me with your wisdom to think through this season. I want what you want. Help my short term sight hope in your long term vision. Hope seems like a risk. Waiting seems like the only  thing I can do. I will wait.

Father show your love deeply for my friends. Show yourself alive and present deep inside their hearts. Protect the dreams and hearts of my closest. Thank you for them in my life. Thank for showing me more of you through them. Bless their risks to hope in you. Reach down and grab my friends as life is bringing on some heaviness and fight. I pray for courage to hope in you for the next. I pray for their eyes to hold fixed to your abilities, power, protection, love, and peace. We are all feeling the heaviness of question marks. I hope in you for them. Please fight for the desires of my closest.

Lord show your power in small and big ways to this world. Show the value of living and believing different then all that the world believes. Show us the exhale that comes from choosing life in you. Show us your ways. Teach us your truth father. Help us to embrace foolishness as we walk in you, and give us all strength to stand up and own you as our God.

Everything I give you. Everything I’ve got I offer you in your sons name…amen.

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My heart just has words for him. Pray with me if you want to or please feel free to pray here for you.

My prayer conversation comes from following after how Jesus prayed in John 17. Jesus prays for himself, for his friends, and then prays for all believers.

Pray with me…..

Father, my heart is stuck in the middle of feeling like I have so many things that I can’t express fast enough, but when I try, no words are there. I see and feel the current of thoughts and emotions rush around in me. There is an undertow, and I can’t quite get my balance. You know my heart. You know my current. You are the voice that calms the rush in me. Speak over my heart and tell her to be still. Please tell her to be at peace and know stillness. Father, I am not asleep in this storm’s stern, but I am not bailing out water either. I am stuck.

Thank you for your word that is truth for me. Those are the only words I have to pray father. I only have your words to pep talk myself like, “find rest, my soul, in God alone. He alone is my rock and salvation. Trust in him at all times.” But my heart is dry and weary. My heart feels dried up. I own the choices I have made to feel this way. I bring them before you. I ask that you would restore me. Help me to find everything in you alone. I know I will forget again down the road, and we will probably have this conversation another time. I am thankful for your patience and grace. Thank you, Lord.

Father, I give you my friends. I give you those who you have given to me. They spoil me and make my life rich. Help me to not spoil these friendships. They are yours. They are gifts. Forgive me for where we leave you behind. Forgive me for ways I place them on your throne. Thank you for failing ways to bring my friendships back to you. Thank you for forgiveness and grace. Thank you for how much I know you more because of these friends. Bless them with your favor. Show them peace and unconditional love. Bless my friends with the desires of their hearts. I love seeing them in their passions and elements.

Father, I pray for all believers who are tired and waiting on you. I pray for your heart to overcome what is lacking in them. Keep us strong for and with one another. You prayed that we would be one as you and the son are one. I pray for solid and rich community to take on new life, sound, taste, and aroma for this world. I see glimpses. I pray for more. Give us all courage to step up for you. Give us unwavering trust in our identities in you. Help us to have lives that resemble the choice to follow after you.

It’s in your son’s perfect name that I bring these words to you. Thank you. Amen.

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