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If you could go back in time five years, and talk to yourself, what would you say?

What advice would you give yourself? 

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What encouragement?

What warnings?

Maybe something you would say could help someone else now!


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Starting this week out light.

Would love to hear what’s been going on in your world.

Highlights from your summer?

Nuggets from the weekend?

Any new dreams brewing?

Any questions you can’t shake lately?

Would love to hear your heart!

Make up your own questions if you want!

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I have questions. A lot of questions. I’m always curious of the mystery of God. I love exploring who he is! He is like an hike that shows me more than I ever thought possible.

I have questions.

I love that he hears them. I love that God wants our questions. No question is too hard to reveal. No answer is explained in a way I would have thought. But I have questions, and ponderings.

My questions:

  • Am I the character trait I value in others most?
  • Do I trust you with my next?
  • Are my dreams really your desires?
  • Can I really be a voice for you?
  • Will I see greater things than these?

I have questions. Those are just some of them. I would love to know some of your questions. I would love for us to share what we really know about him with one another with our questions.

What kind of questions do you have?

Bring your big and bring your small!

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I spent a ton of time this weekend thinking about life questions like what do I value? What is really important to me? What matters to me?

The answer to these questions dictate the course of my life. These answers dictate my responses, actions, words, beliefs, hopes and time.

I don’t have an easy Rolodex of answers to these questions. If I am being most honest, Jesus hasn’t even been making it into my top five.

I feel the weight of him missing in me.

Luke states that, “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be.

So what matters to me? What do I value and find important?

I value people. I value the heart deeply. Trust so important to me. Caring for others, helping, encouraging, speaking truth, laughing, acting the fool, and enjoying myself.

However, I also find value in being self-sufficient, in control, loved, fighting hard for my heart, being listened to, believed in, being honest with, accepted, and offering something.

These lists are not bad. There is some great value in all of those things. They all can also be done apart, or valued apart, from God. That places more importance and dependence on others. God doesn’t have to be involved or even valued in that.

I am learning that without him value is cheapened, importance is lacking, and what matters feels a little more empty.

I want my value to what he values and thinks. I want God to be the most important and who matters the most. All else will be added.

Apart from him, there is too much pressure on myself  and everyone else to be all those things. Life is seriously lacking.

What do you value?

What is important to you?

What matters to you?

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Lately I feel like I have been asking myself a lot of questions. They are not all the same type of questions, but just questions.

Call it season of life. Call it wondering about the unknown. Call it curiosity about how I wired. What ever “it” is, I still have questions.

Some of my questions (no structure to them either):

– What will my next season of life be?

– Is this season life over or beginning?

– Why do I get so ticked about certain things, while other equally frustrating things roll right off?

– What do the real weapons of God look like? And why don’t I use them more? (love, respect, trust, patience, self-control, grace, forgiveness…)

– Does my character look like God?

– In my sensitivity, what makes me spiral downward and why?

– Why do I have specific triggers in me?

– How do I steward my influence? I am I responsible with that influence?

– What would I do if I saw a person crying on the side of the road?

– What does helping look like for me?

– Why do I keep trying sweets when I really don’t like them, and feel sick every time?

– How do I process thoughts from vacation well?

– Am I really honest?

What kind of questions have you been asking yourself?

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There have been some pointed times in my life where I can hear God. Those words are usually in bite size sentences. Whatever the words, they stick. Sometimes he just asks a question. Sometimes he speaks tenderly to me. Lately, I have been hearing his soft tender voice with simple words that get into my core.

As I have been thinking through this season of life I am in, I keep hearing the repeated question of, “Tracee, am I enough?

My knee jerk reaction is to say, “of course you are Lord.” Almost like Peter saying to Jesus, “you know I love you”on the beach that day. But is he?

Maybe I need to be asked three or more times like Peter. A repeated response can start to make you think.

I have talked before about my struggles with knowing that I am enough, but what about God? Is he enough for me?

There are conversations in the bible where God says, “I am with you.” The same is true for someone who follows after him. This is a promise.

So why do I dismiss the promise? What keeps me from believing?

For me, my lack of belief stems from different things. I have old patterns of life that keep me on the path of self-sufficiency. Out of that place, I choose the way of control more than trusting in him. I can depend on my logic verses faith that believes in what is unseen.

I also struggle with beliefs about my self-worth. If I am being honest, I question being someone who is worth staying with. Therefore, it seems easier to dismiss the promise for me.

Another subtle way I can dismiss the promise is by asking others to pray for me. I also realized that I can depend on the prayers of others to talk to God for me rather than believing in his words for me. As if saying that someone else is more worthy of the promise than me. God says to me, “Tracee, I am with you.” Those words are for me.

To really grasp the understanding of God being WITH me would change my life and perspective. I know my life would look so different if those words took on weight. Those words matter. Those words should be everything to me.

I want God, and just God, to be enough for me. I think about how much pressure, and even sometimes demand, would be removed from other people if I believed God was enough. There is freedom, even for myself, when I surrender to the promise that He is enough.

He is working on me. The more I understand that he is enough, I will know that I am as well.

Is God enough for you?

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