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Last week I attended a cultural training class at my church. It was definitely an early three hours on a Saturday morning. I do not do mornings well at all. So for all the information that did not stick, one sentence did. It was one of those phrases that makes you stop whatever you are doing and look up.

Our instructor was talking about the differences between cultures, and one thing she said was that, “Americans believe in God, but Africans rely on God.”

What! Oh my dang!

I have been marinating on the differences between believing and relying. Both words include the confidence that something or someone exists. Both words also carry a level of trust in that existence. Belief is one level of faith that let’s us know that we are just enough out of control, but relying takes submission and dependence.

I had to ask myself the question, “Do I rely on God more than just believing in him?

I believe. I believe in God. I believe in my friends. I even believed in Santa Clause at one point, (until yesterday! Okay just jokes. I had an older brother. No chance to believe past the age of three.)

I digress

My belief in God lacks reliance. Too often,  I renege control of me. It is a wonder why life is not working so well. I have had glimpses of how great depending on God has felt. Those times of dependence on him have changed me. I want more than glimpses. I want a life that resembles someone who has been with God. You know you can tell when people have been with God. I want that to be me!!

I don’t just want to be able to “have an answer” for who I believe God to be. I want to know because I have an active dependency on him. The fruit of reliance is a heart that is obedient and intimate with God.

What is the difference between believing and relying for you?


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