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Have you ever received an invitation to spend time with someone you admire?

This can be someone who you have an admiration for what they do (i.e. writing, playing music, speaking, teaching, a business person, artist, etc.) This could also be someone who exemplifies the life you respect and desire to emulate.

I have experienced this invitation on a couple of occasions. I have a huge passion and heart for leadership, so my invitations came from people I admired in leadership. I love sitting at their feet, listening to their wisdom, life stories and lessons. I have learned from some great people.

I still have a list of people who I would love to sit with. I call it my “sit-list.”

One of the greatest aspects of the invitation for me was that it came with the investment of the other person.

I learned how to become a leader because a couple of people took the time to invest their life and wisdom into me. I learned how to mentor because someone taught me through mentorship.

The invitation of investment is something that always stands out to me when reading the gospels. Jesus is THE MAN of invitation. He calls his first disciples to follow after him through invitation. Jesus invited his friends to do life with him. He didn’t just ask them to follow him in hopes that they would learn something, but he took responsibility for their invitations.

Jesus takes responsibility for the invitations he gives.

John Maxwell talks a lot about how Jesus was just a different kind of leader compared to all of the other leaders of his day; Jesus really did make fishers of men. He invited them with the intention, and responsibility, to make them fishers of men.

Jesus does the same with you and me.

He invites us to do life with him with the intention of taking responsibility for that invitation. We are wired uniquely with his purposes. He takes responsibility to mold, and train us into whatever those purposes are.

Sometimes that main point gets lost for me. Too often, I feel like life is up to me and I am responsible to make it all work – the tethering line between God and I drift apart. His desire is to do life WITH me.

I am learning to remember that God offered me an invitation that comes with his eternal investment. It makes me well up thinking about how much God invests in me. I am humbled by his patience and faithfulness to make me who he wants me to be.

What does God’s invitation of investment look like for you?

Anyone you can think of who could use your investment?


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Lately, my life feels like this run/walk stutter step. I feel like I am in this limbo place of hoping in a long time dream and the reality of where my life stands. My stutter step can best be described from a scene in the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” There is this one scene where Meg Ryan is about to go and meet her mystery man that she has been getting to know online. On her way out of the house to the park meeting place, she has this excitement in her step that looks like a little run, and a reality check of not wanting to seem over zealous in her walk. That is me.

Dreaming gives me the hope in my step to want to sprint forward, but the reality of my current season of life brings me back to walking. There is a constant tension of hope and reality. This makes for a restless me.

How does one live in the state of both hope and reality? How does one stay grounded while running after their dreams?

My dream is big and illogical. I want to take into account the serious things that God says in regards to what we pursue. I don’t take my dreams lightly. I don’t take my ambition lightly. I am learning that neither does God. He has wired me a certain way, to dream for great things. But he also gives me principles to follow to get there.

There are some key scriptures that help me slow my roll when pursuing my dreams. God says, “my ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts.” He also says, “for those who have been entrusted with much, much will be asked.”

As I look at my dream, I believe that I am being given just the right amount of entrusting. Big dreams require big entrusting. I want to be ready for that. I want to be great at my dream. As I am so hopeful for that day, the walking keeps me grounded in valuing my small things.

For now, I am okay with a little stutter in my step.

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