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When I was younger, I used to play games that involved the challenge of who can hold their breath the longest. My friends and I would hold our breath and see who could swim the longest distance from one side of the pool to the other. We would also hold our breath and see who could stay under water the longest before surfacing. It was crazy how long we could hold our breath.

It was so evident with each challenge how essential breath is. Our bodies need breath flowing in and out to keep living. Each breath provides the life we need.

In the beginning God whispered breath into Adam to make him rise to life. With breath, God provides life to our bones.

Whenever I am tired, inside and out, I feel the need for his breath of life. Sometimes life knocks more than the wind out of me. I am feeling a lack breath in me.

Scripture provides so many stories of God providing his breath of life to revive lifeless things.. There are stories in scripture of shattered dreams, shattered walls and cities, broken relationships, dry bones, desert moments, and a scattered people. God breathed his breath of life into them all.

In his breath I find my hope.

My life needs his breath in me. Part of me feels like I have been holding my breath for a while. I look around and see so many areas in me that need his restoring breath. I have unfinished piles of rubble that have laid dormant for a while. My dry bones need the breath of his words of truth.He promises to restore and redeem. That promise makes me exhale.

In his breath I find my hope.

What is your hope right now?




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