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The sound of shattering glass makes me immediately respond with a cringe.

Anytime I hear the sound of glass shattering – even a vase or cup dropping – my shoulders go up and my face cringes.

You know you have that “oooh” response when you hear a waiter drop a tray of glasses.

Shattered glass has a distinct sound. Shattering makes the sound of spilled pieces.

What about when it happens to your heart?

The sound of a shattered heart looks silent, but it makes the sound of spilled tears and sobs. Yet, I still make the same cringing face when the heart shatters.

I have the honor of being a contributing author for a book being published in September. I never thought I would be published or be an author of really anything. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.

I spent months crafting the pages of my heart’s story in Word form. This has been no small thing for me to tackle. Writing this chapter has forced me to look back over the shattered pieces of my heart. I cringed daily as I tried to put words to my shattered pieces.

The grief of my shattered pieces still ache today. Nothing like writing it all down to reopen some wounds…

My heart has endured some shattering through the messiness of a broken home, broken trust, broken relationships, broken survival skills, broken dreams, and just a broken me.

I sat for a long time starring at the pieces of me. The sound of my shattered heart can still be heard through spilt tears. I have no idea where those pieces go. I have no idea how to heal in some areas. However, I am grateful that He knows how all my pieces fit back together.

There are also new pieces I have discovered and still working on putting words to. My tender heart still cringes at the sound of risks that end in shattered pieces.

No piece is missing. No piece is extra. Every piece matters.

The process has been so bittersweet for me. However, it is always worth picking up the pieces. Piece by piece, I am healing towards a whole heart.

NO piece is missing. Every piece matters. Risk to place your pieces in the hands of the one who mends us back to together.


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When I was younger, I used to play games that involved the challenge of who can hold their breath the longest. My friends and I would hold our breath and see who could swim the longest distance from one side of the pool to the other. We would also hold our breath and see who could stay under water the longest before surfacing. It was crazy how long we could hold our breath.

It was so evident with each challenge how essential breath is. Our bodies need breath flowing in and out to keep living. Each breath provides the life we need.

In the beginning God whispered breath into Adam to make him rise to life. With breath, God provides life to our bones.

Whenever I am tired, inside and out, I feel the need for his breath of life. Sometimes life knocks more than the wind out of me. I am feeling a lack breath in me.

Scripture provides so many stories of God providing his breath of life to revive lifeless things.. There are stories in scripture of shattered dreams, shattered walls and cities, broken relationships, dry bones, desert moments, and a scattered people. God breathed his breath of life into them all.

In his breath I find my hope.

My life needs his breath in me. Part of me feels like I have been holding my breath for a while. I look around and see so many areas in me that need his restoring breath. I have unfinished piles of rubble that have laid dormant for a while. My dry bones need the breath of his words of truth.He promises to restore and redeem. That promise makes me exhale.

In his breath I find my hope.

What is your hope right now?



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