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My mom taught me never to talk to strangers growing up. Preschool and DARE reinforced that rule through my early years.

I needed this rule and boundary in my life. I am a huge extrovert. I talked to strangers all the time. I would even talk to mannequins in the department stores. (Alright that was more for the embarrassment of my mom.) Often times my mom would be looking for me, because I would have wandered off somewhere shooting the breeze with someone. I am a talker, plus I love people. This rule was for me!

I thought I was safe, when I might not have been. I thought all people were good not thinking they might have had other motives. That could have been bad news for me.

Jesus knows we need protection. We believe people when they are speaking lies. Jesus knows our tendencies to be lead astray.  In our search for life, he sees all the messages that bombard our minds. There are so many messages we filter through every day. More than half of those messages threaten his truth.

Jesus is the truth. He is the safest places we can be. His words are the words that keep us on the path to knowing eternal life. He is the only one who can lead us there.

The extrovert in me desperately needs the shepherd in him.

I need the truth that he is the gate, and the one leading me into life. There are so many threats and distractions from truth and life. Jesus knows that. All the more reason why we need to know his voice.w

We need to know his voice as the dominate voice to listen to if we want to recognize threats. We have red flags in life to help yell out “stranger!!

There are lots of things, and people, who would like to help define our identities. There are lots of messages that will tell you who and what to value. There are even people who would like for you to believe that they are the way to life. There is only one who is truth. It takes pursuing intimacy with him to really know what messages to discard.

It has taken me a long time to attune my ears to the shepherd. I am still learning to divert my eyes and ears back to him. I am so thankful to know truth.


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Being found

There is a familiar story in bible about the redemption for one lost sheep. I have read this story many times. This time I have been captured by redemption and the shepherd’s joyful grace.

In this story, Jesus is talking to a crowd about the value he has for people who have wandered off from their relationship with God. Some of the people are complaining that Jesus is speaking with those who are considered to be sinners. Jesus challenges their complaints by telling a story illustrating a shepherd who leaves his ninety-nine sheep to go after the one who has wandered off from the pack.

The story reminds me of a moment of joy and redemption that took place at the end of the movie “Taken.” I won’t spoil the whole ending if you have not seen the movie, but I will describe the embrace between a father and his lost daughter.

Through focused desire to find his lost daughter, as well as some good fighting scenes, a father finally finds his daughter. When the daughter realizes her father was the one who saves her, she exhales, and through sobs embraces her father. Her words to him were, “Daddy, you came for me.” The father responds by saying, “I told you, I would.” A promise kept and a daughter saved.

I have found myself in some pits of miry weakness. I have had times of wandering. The more I try and dig myself out it seems like my hole becomes bigger and deeper. Right in the midst of my hole of weakness, I look up to see the smiling, tear filled face of the one who had been looking for me. I have experienced  moments of exhale in relief that I have been found. I have also found relief not only that I have been found, but that someone was looking for me.

My savior pulls me out and places me on his shoulders. I have endured some pain and wounds through my wandering, as they are natural consequences for my choosing to wander. In the midst of my messiness, He places me up on his shoulders to heal and remain in his love. His shoulders provide a place where I question why I ever wandered from him in the first place. I remain on his shoulders until I am strong enough to walk again. Now, I really understand more the verse that states, “the joy of the Lord is my strength.

I am so grateful to be able to say, “you found me” to one who responds with “I told you, I would.

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