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David is one of those characters that I can relate to well. He reminds me of me. David is a strong willed guy who can be pretty self-sufficient. On numerous occasions, David took control of his summit hike. It did not bode so well for him, but he learned a ton of character a long the way.

David was the youngest in his family. He was not so admired by his siblings. This part of the story sounds similar to Joseph’s story. David spent his days as a shepherd in the field, as well as a song writer. He was often excluded from family discussions, or anything that was going on with family business.

One day Samuel comes to visit David’s father, Jesse. I picture the scene playing out similar to that of Cinderella. Samuel is looking to anoint someone to be the next king. He asks Jesse for all of his sons to join him in the house. Like the wicked step-mom, Jesse presents his finest sons. Samuel asks if he has any others, Jesse says, “oh yea there’s my youngest David.”

In my mind the next scene goes something like this: David walks into the house, probably singing a song out loud that he made up. He dances his way into the kitchen where everyone is standing. I can picture David popping a date in his mouth from off the counter top while playing his air harp. His voice fades as he realizes that he walked in on something. Samuel presents David with the glass slipper that fits perfectly and anoints him to be the next king.

Wait what!? If I were David, I would be like, “what just happened?” It’s not like he was then ushered off to the palace and given a ring and robe. Nope. David returned to the field for shepherding and song writing. So how does the dream of being king even happen?

Cue David’s road of wonder.

After some time, maybe even when the dream of king had almost been lost, the tides change. David is sent with a picnic for his warrior brothers. It is on the battlefield that David is presented with an opportunity that makes him one step closer to his summit. David takes on a huge obstacle named Goliath and brings victory to the nation. With this win, David is then ushered to the palace where he is given fame and the one of the kings daughters to marry.

This is the first glimpse we get to David’s dream of being king. Before David ever stepped foot in the palace, God did some character work on him in the fields. God cultivated the character trait of faith in a bigger God. God taught David how to not rely on his own strength. This is a big character lesson for self-sufficient people. It was in the “simple” sheep fields that he learned to care about responsibility, protect the innocent, rise above his fear, and grow in intimacy with his God.

After Goliath, it might have seemed like David “arrived.” He was in the palace, and now son-in-law to the king. Break out the champagne! Sound the alarm for the party, King David had made it to the palace!

But was he king?

David might have been in the palace, but he was far from being king. After a triumphant entry into his new life, he then spent his days playing his harp for the king. David went through more time of waiting for his dream. He could see his dream, but he was playing the harp. Maybe God let David know that even though he was in the palace, he was not too good to play his harp and serve the king. God cultivated his character.

David went through a seasons of taking the reigns of his path, but God cultivated his character every step of the way. At the time David was given the throne, he was ready. Just because he was given the dream years before the actual throne did not mean he was ready for the dream.

How do you take control of your path?

How is God cultivating your character?


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SO excited to share with you all the movie trailer for Inciting Incidents!

I love the that we, as authors, were given a chance to speak about our chapters and the heart’s behind this book.

Having watched the video, I have even more respect and admiration for my fellow authors.

This video captures the essence of what the book, Inciting Incidents is about.


I absolutely recommend getting a copy!

Click here to buy!

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“There is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

– Winnie the Pooh

We all have circumstances that we are facing. We are fighting battles that seem to take every ounce of energy we’ve got.

All circumstances affect our lives. Some we walk ourselves into, and some receive no invitation at all.

There are some circumstances that we can move through with ease – lasting a moment. However, there are some that take a lifetime to heal through.

Our lives take dealing with. It seems a bit like playing a hand of poker. We are all dealt a few cards, some we can trade in for new ones, but inevitably we have to learn how to play with the hand we hold.

Every hand challenges our survival skills, character, reasoning, functioning, and faith.

About fifteen years ago, I felt like I was dealt the cards of tragedy. I went from a “normal” home that had routines, vacations, and rules to one of brokenness and divorce. My world shattered through the confessed words of my father’s affair.

I no longer knew words like stable or security. Our social status changed as a family. I learned how to function in the word “apart” more than “together.”

What do you with the cards in your hand that hold the full house of grief?

What do you do when your life is forever changed in ways you never asked for?

Grief is a lifelong process. It is not linear in nature. It has no timeline or warning. It is known and felt in every season of life. Grief only has a healer.

The truth about every circumstance is that we learn just what we are made of. Challenges bring out the deepest parts of our character in how we handle fear, insecurity, and doubt. BUT I promise that you will also learn that you are smarter, braver, and possess more strength then you imagined you had.

This week I am going to talk about glimpses of my life’s grieving process written in a book that I was a contributing author for.

Inciting Incidents just released this past week. I am so excited. I, along with six other authors, dive in depth into our own stories, unpacking our personal inciting incidents.

If you want to get your own copy and read more go HERE!

What circumstances are you facing right now?

How are you dealing with it?

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An inciting incident is something that happens to a character in a story that creates an “Aha!” moment. It is that pivotal situation that enables a fork in the road of life change and decision making.

We all have circumstances that have changed the course of our lives.

Some incidents we don’t invite or ask for, but they happen. Change is sometimes forced on us. Every circumstance comes with decisions to make in how to handle them. The fork in the road speaks of paths that will either lead to healing, or further pain.

I have had several inciting incidents in my life. I can honestly say that I have not handled some of them well. My scars speak of pain and voids, but they also speak of my process of faith and healing.

For the past year, I have been a part of a writing project. I, along with 5 other authors, dive in depth into our own stories, unpacking our personal inciting incidents. It was such a rich experience.


Today, we are doing something powerful and unique. We all have stories to tell. We all have amazing things to offer the lives and stories of others.

I would love to hear yours!


I am inviting you today to be a part of a blogging opportunity to tell us about your inciting incident.

Basically, you’d write a post about an event in your own life—good or bad—that changed things forever and pushed your story forward. You can share in as much or as little detail as you want, in your own creative style, and highlight the insights and life-changes you gained from your experiences.

After your post goes live, link up with us on the Inciting Incidents site. Check out the amazing stories of others as well.

My hope is that we can encourage and find hope through one another’s life lessons. I believe this will can lead to some powerful and rich community.

If you are wondering where you can buy the book….come on over to Amazon!

 What is an Inciting Incident in your life ?

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I am drawn to movies with stories of leaders who are doing extraordinary things. I love movies like Gladiator and 300 for this very reason. I get all fired up watching people fight for what is right. I am in awe watching as men, who take no consideration of the size of their army compared to who they are fighting.

Passion and belief of the heart run deep. It is mightier than the sword.

The story of David and Goliath is one of my favorites in scripture. One man takes no considerations of his size or the fact that he has no army, and takes on a giant. Passion and belief see past any circumstance, and a hero is known.

I have always thought that the story of David and Goliath would rock as a movie! NOW it will be!!!

The makers of STORY are launching a campaign called ONE THOUSAND PREMIERES that invites people around the world to help bring the epic story of David and Goliath to a new generation via an international simulcast (live-stream).

With trademark creativity, they are appealing to individuals, churches and community organizations to support the project by purchasing “licenses” to show the film to their communities. In doing so, those who host premiers in their communities will fund the production of this Biblical story.

Here are a couple of links to check out this amazing project you DO NOT want to miss! It is so easy to get involved.

Hollywood has begun to market films to the faith audience. STORY believes great films can also start on screens inside the faith community and spread outward.

Meet the players!

Producer – Ben Arment

Director – Santino Stoner (maker of the NOOMA videos)

Production Coordinator – Sarah Cunningham

This already amazing and something you don’t want to miss!! Get involved!




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Everyone is a story being written. Everyone is the midst of a story. You are the best autobiography ever made!

Would love to know some of your story that you love. What is fun part of your story that you enjoy talking about?

What brings out the joy twinkle in your eye about your story?


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I feel like someone shook up my snow globe of life. Everything is off kilter. I think traveling does that. My heart is working on the landing.

I have missed knowing the life  story being written in you.

How are you? What’s been going on un your life these days?

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