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I love me some peace. Who doesn’t, right?

But how often do we know it and feel it?

Peace seems to be a rarity. I don’t think I have ever talked to someone who has said that they were rocking the peace.

We are filled with messes and mixyness of heart. Thousands of things catch our breath and make us anxious, and this happens all in one day.

Our battles are constant.

Peace can seem impossible.

I have been realizing just how much Jesus talked about peace. Jesus was bombarded with people pleading for him all day long; people who craved his touch, words, direction, and healing. I think the undercurrent of it all is that we crave his peace.

Jesus greeted people in peace, “peace be with you.” When he left the earth, Jesus stated, “my peace I leave with you.

Why did Jesus talk about peace so much?

Let’s be honest, peace did not accompany Jesus. He was constantly being questioned and ridiculed. People were constantly coming to him with demands.

I think that one misconception we have with peace is that it absolves the circumstance as if instantly all is well when we have peace. We can tend to think that peace only happens in the absence of stress and hardship.

This weekend, I heard about peace in a new way. Justin Davis talked about “peace not being the absence of our circumstances, but the presence of confidence and quietness.”

Jesus was never without circumstances. Neither are we. However, Jesus knew how to rest in confidence and quietness in the midst.

Peace is choosing to believe God is enough and present even though…

Peace is responding to our life in confidence and quietness even though it does not make any sense to do so.

Peace is a choice.

In what ways can you view your circumstances through the lenses of peace? 


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Lately, I have been feeling busy. Too busy. I really don’t like being “busy.” For me, busy feels like a chaotic lifestyle. Busy seems to be the alternative answer to “how are you?” right after fine. We are a culture who is growing in busy. We like our busy. It has almost become a comfort zone.

Busy has taken on a status symbol in our culture. It seems that the more busy we are the more important we seem to be.

When did we start to value chaos?

This chaotic comfort zone reminds me of when I worked in foster care. I used to counsel kids, as well as  parents, about the comfort zone of chaos. Kids who had been removed from very unhealthy, and chaotic environments, would start to stir stuff up when placed in a calm home. You see when all you know is chaos, calm seems foreign and stressful. My kids would not know how to act in a loving home that provided stability and peace.

By nature we want comfort. We seek out our comfort zones. What if your comfort zone is unhealthy and chaotic?

It took a long time for my foster kids to make the transition to accepting that peace was okay. I feel like we are stuck in the same place of knowing chaos more than peace, and we are okay with that. We are tired more so than not. Stress owns more hours of our day then what is healthy.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day in my PJ’s watching movies. Some would say that’s a waste of a day. I know some people who would not be able to sit through an entire movie before they felt like they had to be doing something. Anxiety starts to build as the sense of relaxation sets in.

It is hard to listen and hear what is important if we enable life to be filled with noise just for the sense of feeling purposeful.

How do you hear God in the midst of chaos?

Why is “busy” so valued and so important to you?


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My mind feels like mush these days. I feel like I am in this fuzzy space of life this month. Why this month? I don’t know. Call it burn out. Call it still recovering from a whirl wind-not-so-relaxing vacation. I don’t know what it is. I just feel blah.

I feel like my energy level is next to nil. I catch myself staring at nothing more often then not. Slow gear makes for no gear. Grr.

I am so anti this feeling. I know I need rest. I need rest from everything it feels like. I need rest from being needed. I need rest from a job that sucks the life out of me. I need ______. My body is doing great at telling me I am in need. But what is the real issue? They say that you crave the foods of the nutrients your body needs, right? What does that look like for me?

My outside has no change coming in the foreseeable future. So what can I do in the meantime?

I spent a lot of time jumping around in scripture this weekend. (Sometimes I feel like the bible is like a refrigerator when you don’t know what you are in the mood for. You know when you stand there with the door open, and nothing looks good?) That was me and the bible. I landed on Romans 12:2. Oddly enough this was the first verse I ever memorized. (Shocking, not John 3:16, I know.) It was such a refreshing verse for me.

Renew your mind.” Those words have been honey to my soul. As my soul feels like jello, I am in desperate need of some renewing. I want new thoughts. I crave new inspiration and ways of thinking. I love thinking about truth, but have slacked on thinking about it.

There is such joy that I get when the truth of scripture just rolls off my mind and into my life. I need more of that. Renewing of my mind is what this appetite wants. The rejuvenation I am looking for will start there.

What kind of renewing do you need?

What’s in your fridge?

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