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The word “fail” holds so much weight in our hearts, minds, and down deep souls. The word fail represents so much in our culture and world. The weight of that word can ignite a negative thought process concerning our every day lives.

To experience “failure” or “failing” can cause one to spiral downward in doubt.  The affects of this word can look like questioning your ability, confidence, skills, and worth. This word can rock your self-esteem.

But is it supposed to?

Our world has enabled a skewed view of the word “fail.” This word has very negative connotations to it. Let’s be honest, no one likes being associated with that word. No one likes to “feel” like they failed or fell short of something.

The dictionary defines fail this way, “to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved.

There is nothing positive about this definition in reading it. I am learning that failure is a gift. Failure is not necessarily a reflection of my ability or skills. It is not even a reflection of my worth or who I am.

Failure is really redirection.

When we fail at something it is the gift of redirection. Failure says, “hey that thing you just tried, didn’t work so well. Try something else.”

Failing, or failure, is that nice red flag or tap on our shoulder telling us to examine our path. Failure is a gift to redirect our way back to where we are supposed to be. Failure is not meant to play the role of being a slam to your total self-esteem. Failure doesn’t define who you are. Failure plays the role of your path’s GPS.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how failure is defined by you.

How does failing affect you?


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