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Lately, I have been feeling busy. Too busy. I really don’t like being “busy.” For me, busy feels like a chaotic lifestyle. Busy seems to be the alternative answer to “how are you?” right after fine. We are a culture who is growing in busy. We like our busy. It has almost become a comfort zone.

Busy has taken on a status symbol in our culture. It seems that the more busy we are the more important we seem to be.

When did we start to value chaos?

This chaotic comfort zone reminds me of when I worked in foster care. I used to counsel kids, as well as  parents, about the comfort zone of chaos. Kids who had been removed from very unhealthy, and chaotic environments, would start to stir stuff up when placed in a calm home. You see when all you know is chaos, calm seems foreign and stressful. My kids would not know how to act in a loving home that provided stability and peace.

By nature we want comfort. We seek out our comfort zones. What if your comfort zone is unhealthy and chaotic?

It took a long time for my foster kids to make the transition to accepting that peace was okay. I feel like we are stuck in the same place of knowing chaos more than peace, and we are okay with that. We are tired more so than not. Stress owns more hours of our day then what is healthy.

I think today’s busy equals status and value. I think people feel like they a someone if they are busy. For some reason we have equated busy with important. If you find yourself overwhelmed with over commitments, or talk about your over flowing inbox, you might be “busy.” Do your relationships suffer from your busy-ness?

Yesterday, I spent the whole day in my PJ’s watching movies. Some would say that’s a waste of a day. I know some people who would not be able to sit through an entire movie before they felt like they had to be doing something. Anxiety starts to build as the sense of relaxation sets in.

It is hard to listen and hear what is important if we enable life to be filled with noise just for the sense of feeling purposeful.

How do you hear God in the midst of chaos?

Why is “busy” so valued and so important to you?


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I wish I had a moment to breathe.

Have you ever said that?

Jesus was a man who knew how to find moments to breathe. He needed them. Jesus would find pockets and places to spend time away from it all.

I wonder if he ever walked a head of his group of friends on the dusty roads. I wonder if Jesus would sit somewhere while his disciples thought he was following behind. I wonder if Jesus sent out the 72 just because he needed a break.

Jesus was great about sending the crowd away and his disciples a head. Jesus was great at managing his heart and time. He had not problem finding places for just him.

I do not.

I am learning just how much I need those pockets of time. I am learning the value of me-times. I would much prefer to be with people, but sometimes you just need pockets.

I have been marinating what the deeper value of alone time means for me. It is in those times that I exhale. The deeper meaning for me is that in those pocket times, I feel I am not falling short or failing; I am not needed, doing anything wrong, and not disappointing anyone.

It is in those times where all other voices are quiet, the whispers of my heart rise up, and the voice of God has room.

Here are my pockets:

I enjoy exercising. It makes me feel better inside and out. After longs days, I enjoy zoning out with my tunes on the Eliptical. It is like a days worth of holding my breath comes out in sweat form.

I also love camping out at Starbucks with my bible and journal. I can get some serious heart thoughts out in those times. I marinate in his truth for me in this pocket. Sometimes I just feel like I am meeting God for coffee and conversation. I always leave changed.

It might be a small thing, but long showers rock. Maybe not for the other people who hear my concerts, but it’s time. I do some of my best thinking in the shower. I used to keep a notepad by the shower to write down ideas I would get.

Outlets are necessary to the heart. We all need pockets of time that serve for the renewing of our everything. Jesus took time. I am sure as Jesus became more popular, he valued, even more, those pockets of time.

What are your pockets?

What does you-time look like?



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