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I don’t know about you, but my parents tried out many different forms of discipline for my brother and I. Some worked and some did not.

I remember when my mom tried to ground me one afternoon. I had lied about not riding my bike somewhere she had told me not to go. So she grounded me.

I had no idea what that was. We had never been grounded. This was a new one. I even had to ask my older brother what being grounded meant. His reply was, “I think you go to your room or something?

There were definitely those disciplines that I would shrug off and endure. However, there were also those times where we would hear the footsteps or tone of voice and “the fear” set in.

The times where the discipline invoked the most fear related responses definitely made the most impact.

Discipline matters in ways our soul cannot live without.

Discipline is God’s gift to those he loves. His discipline is also his grace.

I have struggled with learning that discipline and grace go together. I have long developed the associations that grace means being released from a depth I could not pay, which it is. For me, grace is an almost “off the hook” kind of feeling. I have viewed grace as the second chance for my wrong doing minus the consequence.

Conversely, I thought discipline was the alternative to grace. Discipline is what happens when I “pay for my wrong doing.” The truth about discipline is that it is necessary for transformation. Without discipline, I would never learn my lesson.

Discipline and grace are tethered together.

Andy Stanley stated in one of his messages that, “God is generous with his grace, and thorough in his discipline.”

Grace says that I forgive you and love you. Discipline says that I love enough to not let you keep going down the road you are on.

Grace loves us back, and discipline brings us back.

God extended grace to his people so many times in the bible. Each time the Israelites turned their back on God and followed their own desires and ways, He waited. When His people repented, God extended his loving grace, but also instituted discipline.

Discipline is what God uses to transform our lives from the unhealthy patterns we just lived out. Grace is the response that covers our debts, and discipline is the action through which change happens.

I am learning more and more that grace is not the alternative to discipline, but that they happen together. Discipline is where obedience is formed and learned in me.

I am so thankful for a God who forgives me, but also loves me enough to make me new through discipline.

What are your thoughts on grace and discipline?


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Different is my mantra. Different is the word that describes the desire of my heart.

I have never fit into the mold for anyone or anything. My life has been filled with…

  • Why don’t you….
  • You’re not like….
  • Could you be more like…
  • Why do you ….

I have grown up with puzzled looks for my adventurous side. I have been asked over and over why I love people so much, and I care so deeply.

I have been told to guard more and risk less. Expressions of confusion have come from grace given and not spite.  

Even today, my co-worker looked at me and said, “why don’t you ever respond in anger?”

My life feels like a constant dot dot dot. I get responses like “what else do you want to do….” after I articulate my dreams…. Ever get that one?

But that is kinda the point with different huh?

Different doesn’t make sense. Different is not boxable or often understandable.

Different is me….. Different is you…..

Jesus never made sense. Most of the time what he did and said was just responded to with dot dot dots…

Accepting the invation to follow after him requires living different. Everything about our everything looks different.

Different means we are doing something right. The uncomfortable of different starts making sense. We start believing different, and the dot dot dots start to take form. We are all hungry to experience life that is not auto-tuned.

It is when we believe different, we live different.

How does your life look and sound different?

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