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My GPS messes with my head sometimes. I have been known to question my GPS out loud. I mean have you ever caught yourself questioning the direction choice of your GPS!? It is maddening when the GPS turns out to be right.


It takes the choice of faith to follow the direction of our GPS. For the most part I trust that the machine will get me where it is plugged in to go.

Trusting to follow the GPS is a small example of making the choice in faith.

Faith is a choice.

I think we can get wrapped up in the tension between choosing our own heart’s fearful voice verses what God is doing or saying. I know I struggle with this tension in me often.

The thing about choosing faith in God is that we forfeit our right to know best. In all honesty I really don’t know what’s best most times.

The other thing about making the choice for faith is that it forfeits our understanding.

More often than not what we think should happen does not look anything like what actually does happen. Making the decision to respond in faith surrenders our understanding of the logic in situations and outcomes.

The story of Joseph confronts my tension between choosing my logic and choosing faith.

Joseph led a life that looked nothing like he imagined it to be. Joseph had huge dreams for himself, but how he got to those dreams is shocking.

Joseph had multiple dreams about his life meaning big things for many people. However, he spent many years prior to that dream serving as a slave, as well as being falsely accused, which landed him in prison. In each situation Joseph clearly chose faith.

Nothing about the path of “success” that Joseph experienced made any logical sense. In the end, Joseph’s dream came true; he became the most important man in many people’s lives.

Joseph chose faith. Joseph forfeited is right to be in control and to know what was best for him. Joseph surrendered his understanding, and he followed.

I am in a season where I feel like steps are being taken back. It is not fun. I am realizing more and more that what I see as a step back may just be bigger steps forward then I can ever imagine or understand. I have to make the choice of faith.

I am choosing to lean not on my own understanding, but surrender to the one who knows the destination for me.

In what ways can you choose faith? 


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