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As a kid, I thought I was indestructible. There was no place I wouldn’t explore, and no height too high to jump from.

I didn’t ask questions or think twice about my landings. I was daring and courageous. Don’t even get me started on when I first got my license. God worked over time with me.

As kids, we more readily trusted. We trusted our own abilities as well as others. We were fearless. We risked. We took risks with activities, academics, and relationships.

As adults, trust seems to get harder to do. We begin to institute the “think twice” rule in adulthood. Fears and wounds are introduced over time, and the force field of our hearts seems to grow weaker.

The process of trust is a long journey. It usually requires much reassurance along the way.

Learning to trust is a messy process. The deception of the trust process is that it is solely based on the other person. Trusting someone else is no small thing. We become unsure of people over time, especially if we have experienced pain and hardship.

The truth about trust issues is not because of the other person, although that is a factor, but the deeper reason for trust issues is that we are unsure of ourselves.

Relationships are constantly growing and changing in our lives. It is hard to keep up with identifying our expectations and wants in our relationships.

An eye opening truth for me is that the kid who used to climb to the highest point of a tree is now fear driven. My fears and insecurities are the lenses through which I see. These fears affect my relationships on every level.

Our fears cause us to undermine and discredit the people in our lives. Failure is the inevitable result.

I have trust issues. They are the thorns in my side. Trust is so hard for me. I am learning that the reason I have trust issues is because I have self-perception issues. The reason I think that people are going to abuse my trust is because deep down I think I am worth the abuse.

To be honest, the more intimate a relationship gets for me the more I play defense with my heart. The more intimate a relationship the more I tend to play out the potential pain in my head. This creates tension and hurt in my relationships.

My trust issues set up failure in a lot of ways. Somewhere in me is the voice that says, “You are worth leaving. You are replaceable. You are not worth your value. You are worth hurt.”

I am not disqualifying the experiences that have contributed to these fears. I have experienced pain that makes trust hard. However, the pain does not equal the truth about me.

I am also not disqualifying that some people are not trustworthy and you have to discern that for yourself.

Most conflicts related to trust begins with our own self-perception.

This is not just our relationships with one another, how we view ourselves affects our relationship with God. I know I dismiss him often by giving the voice of my fears too much weight. It wrecks havoc.

I am so thankful for a God who is patient, gentle, and unconditionally loving. He makes all things new in me.

Trust is a risk that requires surrendering our own understandings. 

What are your hang up with trust?


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Trust is a prized possession for me. I keep the card of trust very close to my heart. Have you ever seen those scenes in a movie where one person is handing over money, or something of great value to another, and they can’t quite let go? Yea that’s me with trust.

It’s not that I have my trust on lock down, its more on lojack. I know where my trust is at all times. I assess more than people before playing my trust card, I assess every situation.

This might seem extreme, but trust is no small thing for me.

I treat God with similar lojack trust. I know if I hold my trust card close with other people, I do it with God as well.

I treat, as well as, view God with human limitations.

More often then not I think that people can care for my trust far less than they really do. I have limited my view of God’s ability.

God made the heavens and all of the details of the earth. I am so small minded when it comes to thinking that he can handle the burden of my heart.

I could blame my past wounds for my current issues, but it still doesn’t apply to who God is.

David is my go to reminder of someone who risked his trust with God. The psalms are the only thing my heart and mind can read right now. All of me feels full and consumed by back burner thoughts. The psalms are perfect for back burner thoughts.

David knew how to unload his heart before the Lord. David was a man who also knew broken trust in his life. His wounds in life never placed limitations on God. I am always in awe by the out pouring of his unedited heart.

David understood how big God was. David had a right God-perspective. He saw God’s abilities not his own.

I’m working on seeing God for who he really is.

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