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Today I am heading out west to my second home of Colorado! I am so ready to see those snow capped mountains that bring on my hearts exhale! I am ready for new memories and times of laughter!

This weekend I will be rocking a Young Life Women’s retreat! This is my seventh year helping to lead some amazing women in knowing who God is more.

Each year, I have joined some seriously gifted women in just a time of experiencing God in so many ways. Every year, I have joined two ha-larious women in providing the humor portions of the weekend. We dress up and act the fool all weekend! Perfect way to experience God through the worship of laughter!

I love me some hard laughing!

My time is always amazing. God is so very present. I would love your prayers for strength and rejuvenation. We have so much spending all of ourselves for this weekend. Prayers are so needed.

Would love prayer for:

  • Protection of what God wants to do there
  • Safety in travel
  • Great conversations
  • Rest and peace for the women joining us
  • Everything would run smoothly
  • God would be so honored
  • He would be made known on so many levels

Thank you so much! Your prayers mean so much to me! Thank you for standing with me to make him known!

I am on the look out for the unexpected!




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My mind and heart are full from this past week at Catalyst. I feel I will be marinating for quite some time about all of the nuggets of goodness my heart took in.

Catalyst is a leadership conference that is none like I have ever experienced. It seems like a diverse program of mashed up ministries. The Young Life background in me appreciated the humor, and program, of the conference. There was an amazing mix of life experienced at Catalyst.

I wish I could capture and bottle up the singing of every morning. There is just something about singing along side 13,000 other people that is honey to my soul. Let’s be honest, there is just something about being around 13,000 people that is honey to this extroverts soul. I wish I could start every day with that kind of worship to the Lord. I was fired up!

I also appreciated the diversity of speakers. Such a power house line up of truth and words. I appreciated the diversity of speaking. The speakers ranged anywhere from business minded genius to illogical and foolish living. I loved it. Every speakers relationship with God challenged me in speechless ways. I so appraciated the honor of that exposure.

I was inspired. I was definitely challenged.

It is hard to articulate just one thing. I sat on the edge of my seat for both Francis Chan and Perry Noble. They had such clear and simple ways of articulating God. I walked away from both of their talks knowing a real God.

Francis brought an aspect of living life illogically after Christ that felt so freeing and refreshing to my soul. He truly is embracing the reality of life lived out of scripture. As he was talking about what his life looks like right now, I couldn’t help but think that life really can look like scripture.

Francis voiced that people label his life, and choices, as radical, but he sees it as normal. The voice of truth peaked my heart, “the gospel message is foolishness to those who are perishing.

I desperately want to be labeled as foolish and radical because I am following after Christ. I forget that the lable comes from both believers and non-believers. When we say yes to Christ, “normal” life takes on a new foolish meaning.

I want to smile when people look at my larger than me dreams and radical decisions. I want to turn heads when I choose the hard of following truth rather than the voice of the crowd. I want to own Christ when everyone else is yelling, “crucify him.” I want to live out a life that looks forgiven while others are placing on their own shakles of shame.

Choosing to live a normal life looks foolish and radical to those who just don’t get it. My heart’s desire is to live a life that speaks, “I understand and know God.

Which normal are you?

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Right before the start of Jesus’ public ministry, the last three years of his life, he was led by the holy spirit into the desert. Jesus had just been baptized by John the Baptist, and the Holy Spirit descended down on to Jesus. Then a voice thundered out from the father identifying Jesus as his son.

Amazing events before the desert. I can remember how awesome I felt when I surrendered my heart to Christ as a teenager. I was at a Young Life camp in VA. It was a great risk for my heart to take, being surrounded by others who were contemplating the same decision.

But what about after camp? That was a fearful thought for me. I would return home different then when I left. How does that transition happen? I remember thinking that I wish I had some transformation time. I wish I could’ve had an in-between time to really grasp what had just taken place in my heart. Now I understand a little more the value of the desert.

Before Jesus was to take on the road of dying for our sin, he needed some time. He spent 40 days in the desert. At the end of his time there, the devil approached him with three specific temptations.

The past couple weeks, I have really began looking at the significance of these temptations. There were three major areas where the devil tried to entice Jesus. If these were core areas to attack for Jesus, chances are they would be for me as well.

The first card in the temptation deck was, “if you are the son of God, command this stone to become bread.” This temptation attacks an area of basic need for Jesus. The devil enticed Jesus to go outside of God to meet his needs. The devil was also challenging Jesus to prove his identity. In essence, if Jesus could turn the stone into bread, he would prove his identity and ability to provide for himself. The temptation is to act independently from the father to prove ourselves.

This temptation resonates with me. I have talked about being a self-sufficient person before. I know I can fall short of depending on God to provide for my legitimate needs. In response, I take action for myself. I can struggle with thinking that I have to make things happen for myself. Sometimes my identity can get wrapped up in my actions.

Jesus did not cave. He remembered his past 29 years and 39 days of believing in the father. Jesus rested in his identity being in the father. He remembered those sweet words of, “this is my son, in whom I am well pleased.” He looked at the devil and stated his father’s words, “man does not live on bread alone, but on every word from the mouth of God.

I want to rest secure in my identity in Christ. For the father says to us all, “you are my beloved.” That never changes. I am praying through the ways I can entrust myself more to Him to meet my needs. I desire to live on every word that comes from the mouth of God. That is the only answer to my legitimate needs. The temptation entices me to being enslaved, but believing in God for my needs leaves me free. I desire to confidently respond to temptation the way Jesus did.

Thank you Jesus for the example!

How are you tempted to provide for yourself?

In what ways are you tempted to prove your identity and worth?

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